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Battleship Board Game to Play Online

Rating: 7.7/10 - 1031 votes

Inter-Galactic Battleships is a classic-style battleship board game for kids and adults where you have to search and destroy enemy ships before all of your own are eliminated. The unique thing about this version of the game is that it’s set in outer space. Have a go – see if you have the cunning and desire to take down a whole fleet of hidden intergalactic battleships! This super-stylish, fun-packed game requires tremendous tactical skill and provides hours-upon-hours of addicting entertainment! Enjoy!

With clean, minimal graphics and formidable sound effects, Intergalactic Battleships is a clear “hit”! Your mission is to find the enemy’s ships and obliterate them. Whoever sinks their opponent's entire fleet first wins! You can’t see their ships – they are totally hidden. You have to guess blindly at first, but once you hit part of their ships, you can predict where other parts of the ships might be hidden. When you hit a square where part of an enemy ship is hidden - it turns brown. The rest of the ship has to be close - real close. Find it and wipe your opponent out! Once you get a hit, you get another free turn. To get started, deploy your ships on the upper grid (left side) and click the Play button. OK, let the battle commence!

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to click & drag your battleships onto the upper green grid. To change their position (vertical or horizontal) as you position them, press the SPACEBAR on your computer keyboard. You can see how many ships you have left (blue boxes) and your competitors remaining ships (red boxes) at the bottom of the game screen.

TIP: When shooting at your opponents, attack in a “mesh style”, meaning shoot in a pattern of 4-5 square distances in order to more quickly locate the positions of your opponent’s fleet. Once you have a better picture and understanding of where their ships are, start shooting close to the hit point in order to determine how that battle ship is positioned – vertically or horizontally. In most cases, the enemy ships are positioned at a distance from each other, so do not expect to find them all in one corner. Try every side of the field. Good luck Captain!

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