Very difficult puzzles/ challenging brain games free online for older kids (girls/ boys) to play now, no download: Nodes 2 game is a hard brain teaser puzzle for middle school age children/ high school students on PC, Mac, iPad. Logic games, problem solving thinking exercise activities for classroom.
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Challenging Brain Game - Nodes 2

Rating: 7.3/10 - 579 votes

Nodes 2 is a very challenging online puzzle game (and sequel to the equally-brilliant original ‘Nodes’) for middle school and high school age kids where you have to arrange sets of laser-emitting ‘Nodes’ so that the zigzagging beams run through each randomly-positioned Black Circle. Playing against the clock, your objective is to click and drag the movable Nodes so to create a complex, crisscrossing laser beam pathway that totally envelopes each of the awkwardly-placed Black Circles. And if things weren’t tricky enough, you also have to contend with the suspense and pressure of a ticking time bomb that is certain to go off if you do not complete each level as quickly as you possibly can! Yikes!

This highly innovative and often very difficult brain teaser requires good analytical skills, a love of strategic planning, good time management, and the evasive ability of remaining cool under immense pressure. Skilled problem solvers should be able to carefully analyze each level, and figure out a logical solution where all of your laser beams cover all of the bases! Unlike the first version of the game, here you have to work with curved lasers, beam-reflecting mirrors, and an ominous clock that constantly reminds you of the tricky task at hand. Experienced players and talented game designers can test their own game creating skills in ‘Level Editor’ mode.

How to Play: In the normal 1-Player game mode, there are three difficulty levels to choose from; Easy/Tutorial, Medium, and Hard. Each difficulty has 15 increasingly challenging levels (For beginner players, we recommend that you start off with the Easy/Tutorial mode in order to get to grips with the controls). In each level, your goal is to arrange the Red and Blue laser beams in such a way that they successfully run through each and every Black Circle on the game grid. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag the laser-emitting nodes around the game screen. When a laser beam successfully runs through a Circle, that Circle’s color changes from Black to the color of the intersecting laser (Red or Blue). Once all of the circles are colored Red or Blue, a ‘Proceed’ button appears in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Click this button to progress to the next level.

There are 2 different types of ‘Nodes’ - producing two different colored lasers. The Red Nodes produce fixed, linear laser beams, while the Blue Nodes create curved, snake-like laser beams. In later levels, you have to work with both types in the same level. You will also come across movable white Mirrors. These can be dragged around the game screen in order to reflect Red Lasers in different directions. In Medium and Hard Modes, you can choose to play against the clock, or without the clock (click your desired YES / NO check mark once you have chosen your difficulty level). If you choose to play with the Bomb Timer on, this clock appears in the center of the game screen. If you fail to complete the level before time runs out – BOOM; it’s game over.

Experienced and talented players can design their own levels in the ‘Level Editor’ mode. Here, you simply add as many Black Circles (confusingly called Nodes here) and Lasers as you like from the list on the left hand side of the game screen. Click and drag these additions to wherever you like on the grid, and then press ‘Get Code’ at the bottom of the game screen when you are happy with the design. This produces a long code in the text box at the bottom of the game screen. Copy this code to your clipboard for further reference. To play your saved level, select the ‘Load Level’ option on the main Level Editor screen, paste your code into the text box provided, and then click Load. Voila – your created level appears for you to show off to unsuspecting friends and family.

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