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Free Destruction Game Online - Angry Alamo

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Angry Alamo is a fun, physics-based destruction game where you have to fire rocks and bombs in order to defeat the pesky Banditos and rescue their hostages by demolishing buildings around the Banditos. The troublesome Banditos are holed up in various different structures, and you have to hit them with falling debris and/or knock them off their perches to succeed. You cannot fire your missiles (rocks and bombs) directly at the bad guys. You have to disturb the buildings around them so that the debris comes tumbling down and eliminates them.

Accuracy is the key to success here – you have to execute pinpoint shots, as you only have a certain number of rocks and bombs in each level. You have to be extremely precise, as there are hostages that have to be rescued and cannot be hit in some cases. This quirky online demolition game has funny, wild-west style graphics, and requires plenty of trial and error – so you’ll need to be patient for your siege to be successful. Ok little Rock Launcher – it’s time to pick your targets! Ready? Aim! Fire!

How to Play: In each of the 21 increasingly difficult levels, you have to eliminate all of the Banditos (little bad guys with moustaches and funny hats) to progress. To do this, you must launch rocks and bombs at their buildings, disturbing the bad guys, or raining debris down upon them. You cannot fire directly at them, so you have to target the structure around, above or below them. Your target follows the movements of your computer mouse cursor. Left Click to fire a rock or bomb. If you manage to hit a bad guy with falling debris, he disappears in a puff of smoke. If you eliminate every one of them, you progress to the next level.

You score points and earn gold stars for the amount of damage you do to the buildings – 3 Stars is a perfect score. If there are any bad guys left standing after you run out of missiles, click the Reset button (circular arrow) at the top of the game screen to start again. You can see how many missiles you have remaining in the bottom right corner. In some levels, there are girls that have to be rescued from the building. Do this by eliminating the Banditos, but not the hostage. If you knock her over before finishing off the bad guys, you have to restart the level again. Tip: Concentrate and carefully search for the weakest areas in the structure on each level.

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