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Make Your Own Race Game - Jump Gear 2

Rating: 7.4/10 - 1070 votes

Have you ever played a driving game and thought – “I could come up with a better track than this”? Well, now’s your chance to put your artistic skills to the test! Jump Gear 2 is a fun, clever and unusual side-scrolling driving game and game-designing activity where you can select to race on a pre-made track or you draw your own (At last - become the architect of your very own wacky race tracks!) You have a totally blank canvass to create awesome tracks that are as challenging or as easy as you like. Best of all, you get to test out your track creations, and race a cool little futuristic vehicle on them!

This dynamic building / racing game should be ideal for any budding young architects out there, as you have to design and build your race track completely from scratch. Fans of difficult racing games are also in luck – as you can make each track as challenging as you like. Create dangerous loops, steep drops, and tricky obstacles for your powerful little racing vehicle to overcome. You can also set a time limit on each race to add that extra bit of suspense! Share your track creations with friends, family, and other gamers. One day in the future, you might have the reputation of being the Ultimate Race Track Designer! Happy building!

How to Play: Create your own cool custom tracks or simply race against time through 60 pre-made racing track levels. If you select to create your own track, the controls take a little while to get used to. There are two stages to the game – Designing, and Racing.

Designing Stage: At the start of the game, you have a totally blank grid with just your little vehicle and the Finish Line displayed on it. You have to build the track in between the two. The tools you need are located along the left hand side of the game screen. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to activate these tools by clicking on them. The main tool that you use is the Draw Tool, indicated by the green squiggly line. This Tool creates the track that your vehicle drives on. Click on the Draw Icon, then click and drag along the grid underneath the vehicle to lay the track down. You can make each piece of track as long, or as short, as you like. To curve the track around, click on the end of it, and move your mouse in the direction you want the track to curve toward (the proposed curve appears in pink). Once your happy with that piece of track, double click – and it turns to green.

Create as many twists and turns as you like using the Draw Tool. Notice that each time you lay a piece of track down, the Finish Line automatically moves out of the way. To edit a piece of track once you have completed it, click on the Icons below the Draw Tool. The Move Tool allows you to re-position the piece of track, while the Edit Tool allows you to adjust the curves. The Remove Tool deletes the last piece of track you created. You can also add cool items such as Stars to collect during the race – just click on the Star Icon and add them just above the track line. In the bottom left corner of the Design Screen, you can adjust the length of time that you have to complete the track. When you think you’re ready to race, click the ‘Play’ button at the top of the game screen.

Racing Stage: Here, you are transported to the actual race. Use your computer keyboard to control the cool little two-wheeled vehicle (shaped like a mini robot monster truck). Use the Up / Down Arrow Keys to accelerate / reverse, and the Left / Right Arrows to tilt the vehicle. Hit Spacebar to jump into the air. Depending on how you’ve designed the race track, you might have to collect Stars, jump over ravines, negotiate steep slopes, etc. Score points for reaching the Finish Line as fast as you can. When you restart the race, a ‘Ghost’ of your best time is racing against you – so try to beat yourself to the finish! Good luck!

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