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Amusement Park Building Game - Carnival Tycoon Fastpass

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Carnival Manager Opening: A local fun-filled carnival / theme-park urgently requires a virtual managing director to oversee ride and attraction construction, the hiring of staff, general park management, strategic planning, and financial budgeting. If you think you’ve got the shrewd business acumen to create and run a successful carnival – please read on!

Carnival Tycoon Fastpass is a challenging and intense online amusement park construction & management simulation game where you take over the day-to-day running of a patron-filled carnival. You play the role of the carnival’s new Chief Executive Officer, and to win, you have to make savvy business decisions regarding the building of rides, stalls and scenery, the prices of admission to various attractions, the expansion of the park, the staff on site, and more. Your ultimate goal is to create an awesome (and profitable) funfair filled with happy, loyal patrons!

In order to become a theme park tycoon success, you need to exhibit astute business-related expertise in a variety of key areas. Good decision-making is the name of the game, and you need to be very astute at weighing up various aspects and nuggets of information before playing your hand. Ruthlessness is another key attribute – Don’t be afraid to change your mind, tear down unsuccessful attractions, and fire poorly-performing staff. Remember the bottom line: You are running a business, and successful businesses make profit!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or touchpad to operate all of the controls. For beginner players, we recommend that you begin on ‘Easy’ mode (This mode offers a helpful tutorial before you get into the rigors of full-on gameplay). More experienced players could jump straight in to ‘Normal’ or ‘Hard’ mode. On the left hand side of the play area, there are various ‘build tabs’, where you can add a range of items to your carnival. The first objective is to build enough ‘path’ walkways for your patrons to walk on. Click on the ‘Path’ tab in the top left corner, choose your desired path type, and then click on the area of your carnival you want to add a ‘square’ of path to (Your carnival is laid out in a helpful square-by-square grid, making building paths easy).

Once you have a good serviceable path running through your carnival, you need to build attractions and stalls for patrons to visit and (hopefully) spend their money. Click on the ‘Build’ tab, and then choose which attraction / stall you want to add to the carnival’s portfolio. Be sure to build the attraction in a prominent position on the path – There is no point in building a ride that no one can get to. If you want to raise / lower the prices of each individual attraction / stall, click on the item in question, and toggle the price tab higher or lower. Keep an eye on your virtual cash flow level in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Building and renovating stalls and attractions naturally costs money. Hopefully, the more attractions you have, the more money you earn through customer spending.

Tip: Watch for customer feedback (which appears in speech bubbles above patrons’ heads). This is a good indication of what your carnival might need. For example, if you see three or four patrons saying ‘I’m thirsty’, then this is likely a good hint that you need to build a new lemonade stall. Remember that Quality customer service is key to your success!

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