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Ramp Building & Jumping Game - Stunt Bike Draw

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Creative types required! Use pinpoint, logical drawing skills to create ramps (tracks) that carry a stunt biking daredevil to safety in a series of increasingly-difficult jump stunts! Stunt Bike Draw is a cool, challenging construction game and physics-based puzzle activity for creative kids and teens where you must create (draw) specialized custom-made ramps onto classic ‘daredevil stunt jump’ arenas in order to ensure your extremely brave dirt bike stuntman makes it safely to the finish line. The speed, momentum and trajectory of the bike is entirely dependent on what way you draw the ramp.

Budding young architects, fans of interactive ‘design your own level’ games, and extreme sports enthusiasts should enjoy the dynamic, Evel Knievel-style action on show here! Utilizing creative thinking and engineering skills, an appreciation for physics, pinpoint mouse control and a willingness and ability to learn from your mistakes (through good old trial and error), you must constantly alter your ramp configuration in order to make sure your virtual daredevil biker has sufficient speed and momentum to successfully make the jump. Enjoy the fun, stunt bike jumping action!

How to Play: In each progressively-challenging level, your goal is to create a ramp (track) structure that allows your daredevil biker to jump successfully over the dangerous obstacles in the center of the arena, and land safely on the right hand side of the game screen. There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, and Hard. For first-time players, we recommend the Easy level.

You must draw two different ramps – the ‘take off’ ramp to the left of the obstacles, and the ‘landing’ ramp to the right of the obstacles (The crazy obstacles can be cars, trucks, cows, fireballs, and even aliens!). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag your mouse cursor to draw the ramp tracks. You can draw anywhere in the areas where your cursor becomes a larger white arrow. When you are happy with your ramp creation, click on the ‘GO’ icon in the top left corner of the play area.

Your biker automatically rides on the ramps you have created. You have no control over the bike at this stage. If your biker makes it safely to the other end of the jump, you progress to the next level. However, if he unfortunately doesn’t make it, you must continue to redraw / alter your ramp design. Your previous effort is highlighted by a white dotted line, and older ramp creations are marked by green dotted lines.

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