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Online Solitaire Game for PC - Klondike Solitaire 3D

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Play a classic, highly-popular version of solitaire against the clock! Klondike Solitaire 3D is a straight-forward and addicting (yet challenging) mouse-clicking card game for kids, teens, adults & seniors where you have 5 minutes 30 seconds to ‘finish’ the deck by stacking all of the 52-card deck in numerical order, divided by each suit, from Ace to King.

Reasons to play this fun card game: Also classed ‘Patience’ in many parts of Europe and Klondike in Canada, this version of the old-school game is often the default solitaire game on most PCs, and can be an ideal introduction into the fluid gameplay of classic solitaire. Your focus, concentration, stamina and determination skills are truly tested and exercised. Fast reactions and a cool head under pressure also come into play as the clock is ticking!

How to Play: A Flash-based, solitaire card playing puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag cards around the play area. You have 5 minutes 30 seconds to complete the game by getting all of your cards ‘out’ onto the 4 ‘Foundation’ piles. These piles must be built up by suit from Ace (low) to King (high). The seven ‘Tableau’ columns can be built DOWNWARD by placing alternate colors on top of one another in descending values (For example, Red 10, Black 9, Red 8, Black 7, and so on).

The remainder of the deck (not dealt out automatically at the beginning of the game) is housed in the top left corner of the play area. You can turn one ‘base card’ at a time by clicking on the deck. If you get stuck or feel you have no moves remaining, click on the menu icon in the top left corner, and then choose the ‘Resign’ option to re-start the game (This action reduces your score by 5000 points). Enjoy the solitaire challenge!

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