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Free Internet Solitaire Game - Yukon Solitaire

Rating: 7.6/10 - 367 votes

Yukon Solitaire – Test your eye and card playing skills in this fun Solitaire game which is quite similar to the classic Solitaire (Patience) game that you likely already know and love, but with some added personality. Complete the game by stacking four card suits at the top of the game screen starting with the Ace and then from 2 to King (of the same suit). There is no time limit. New cards can only be turned when no other card is lying above them.

Opening up free space on the deck is a good strategy as this allows you to move more cards around and see what options are available to you. You can drag a column of cards to an empty column space only if the first card in the column is a King. Consider all of the available options carefully when moving your cards.

How to Play: To win the game, stack all the cards from Ace to King into the four suit spots at the top of the game screen (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades). Use your computer mouse to click on the cards and drag them to place them in the correct spot. Stack all the cards of each Ace suit in order from 2 to King. Try to think logically. Your first moves should be aimed at freeing up Aces and putting them in the card positions at the top of the screen. Then you can move and stack cards from 2 to King in order (of the same suit) on top of the aces.

The cards in the bottom stacks must be placed in descending sequence (high to low which is Ace, King, Queen, Joker and so on in descending order) of consecutive numbers. The card you are putting on top of the other must be 1 value lower and of a different color (red goes on black and black goes on top of the red). The card number 5 can be put only on 6, and 6 only on top of 7, and so on. Cards can be picked up in groups and moved around. Receive new cards by freeing up bottom stacks and clicking on the turned card. These cards can be turned over at any time.

Tips: If it seems that you are stuck – try looking for options to move parts of one lower stack onto the other and some options may turn up or you may free up one stack to open up new cards to turn. Do not rush your moves or you may put yourself in unresolvable situation. For example, you have the 3 of Spades and it is covering the 4 of Diamonds. At the same time, you also have the 4 of Hearts available as the last red card of 4. Do not use it immediately elsewhere as it is the last card where you can put black 3. Consider all moves before you proceed and check carefully that no card is left unsolved before you stack one on the suit piles at the top. Cards from these top piles cannot be moved!

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