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Free Card Game to Play Online - 13 is a Winner

Rating: 7.6/10 - 1201 votes

13 is a Winner is a fun and colorful card game for kids and adults where you have to clear the game field of all the cards by combining (either one or two cards) so their number adds up to 13. This seems like a simple brainteaser but it can be a bit tricky and troublesome, as luck plays a big factor in the game.  It is however, incredibly addicting and very enjoyable! The number 13 – unlucky for some. Are you superstitious or factual? Random chance does play a part in this game but that’s no excuse! Your own intuitive thinking skill and dogged determination should get you through (Note: Perhaps don’t play this on your laptop whilst walking under a ladder on Friday the 13th). 

OK, you have to get the number 13, with one or two cards. The Ace is one, the King is 13, the Queen is 12 and the Knight/Jack is 11. The cards with numbers on them are the number-values. There’s a pyramid of cards on the game screen (only some of which are available) and 24 chance cards. You can combine different available cards in the pyramid or combine a card in the pyramid with a chance card to get to 13. Once you get a correct combination – they disappear. Well, today could be your lucky day!  Do you feel lucky today? Let’s see! Good luck!

How To Play:Use your computer mouse to click on the available (face up) cards in the game screen. Available cards will show a red outline and the number value once you click on them. Use your mouse to click on the (face down) chance cards in the bottom right corner of the game screen and you will then see a (face up) card that you can choose to make combinations. You can see the Best Score and Score in the top right corner of the game screen. To start again, click on “NEW” at the bottom of the game screen. Happy card playing!

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