Free 3D drift game online/ car racing for kids games to play now with no download: Drift Runners 3D is a cool online drift driving game for boys, girls, teens to play on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. 3D car games, awesome racing games, addicting bike games, virtual race simulation games, new RPG flash games.
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Drift Runners 3D - Drift Car Racing Game

Rating: 8.5/10 - 1251 votes

Real-life drifting is an outrageously difficult and dangerous driving technique – and the trademark of a daredevil professional drift race car driver. Drift Runners 3D is a fast and furious racing game where you have the chance to perfect this flashiest of racing skills in a series of difficult time trial challenges. For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘drifting’ is when the driver intentionally over-steers the car into a corner at high speed, resulting in the back wheels locking. The super-cool driver can still keep control of the front wheels, and ‘drift’ the car majestically through a tricky bend. In Drift Runners 3D, drifting is as difficult as it sounds – and requires sharp reflexes, quick reactions, and spectacular keyboard-based driving skills. This intense cornering method requires the upmost concentration – can you keep your head at such a high speed? It’s time to show us what you’re capable of. Let’s see some awesome action!

How to Play: There are 12 different race tracks in Drift Runners 3D. For each track, you have to complete an initial ‘Time Trial’, then take on 3 increasingly challenging ‘Cows and Cones’ levels on the same course. In Cows and Cones, you have complete the course under a set time while avoiding concrete cows and cones that act as obstacles dotted around the circuit. You earn virtual income for completing levels and driving well, and you can use these funds to unlock other tracks, and purchase more powerful vehicles. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your car: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake; Left & Right Arrows = Steer.

The most important tool in your driving arsenal is drifting. As you approach a bend / corner, hit the Shift Key on your keyboard (or the Ctrl Key) to drift around the corner. If you perform a successful drift without crashing or going off the road, your ‘Boost Bar’ increases at the bottom of the game screen. If you complete successive drifts, you start a ‘Drift Chain’, and your speed increases the more Drift Chains you complete. In Time Trial levels, your goal is to simply finish the level as quickly as possible. In Cows and Cones levels, you get penalized for crashing into either the orange cones, or the concrete cows that line the course. See if you can achieve 100% completion by unlocking all 12 tracks and completing all 4 levels in each.

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