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Car & Bike Rollercoaster Racing Game - Coaster Racer 2

Rating: 9.2/10 - 3501 votes

Have you experienced an amazing rollercoaster ride, and thought "I would love do this regularly"? Well, in Coaster Racer 2, you can actually drive an awesomely fast race car and motorbike up and down a series of hair-raising rollercoasters that have been cleverly converted into high-speed race tracks! Expanding on the high-octane action of the original Coaster Racer game, this cool sequel introduces new features such as a choice between driving in a powerful racing car or a souped-up bike! "Vroom" your way through 10 increasingly challenging (and increasingly high up) rollercoaster circuits. Just be careful not to drive off the sides – it’s a long way back down to ground!

This fast and furious Grand Prix-style arcade racing and rollercoaster mash-up game should be a very good fit for all of you daredevil thrill-seekers out there who need some PC kicks right now, or anyone who simply enjoys fun 1-player racing games against the computer but with a bit of a twist. Fast reactions and reflexes, and fancy driving skills are extremely important here as corners approach pretty rapidly when you are careering downhill at an outrageous speed. Ladies and Gentlemen, please rev-up your engines!

How to Play: On the Main Menu screen, toggle between difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) by clicking on the Difficulty Icon using your computer mouse or touchpad. When you are ready to race, click on the Race Select button in the top right corner of the game screen. This brings you to the Level Select screen. There are 10 main Race Levels, with two Minor Challenge Races available alongside each Level. After you click on your chosen race, you have to choose between riding on a motorbike or in a racing car. In each main Race, your goal is to finish in the ‘Qualifying Positions’ to unlock and progress to the next track. There are 16 competitors in total (some in cars, some on bikes), and in the first race you have to finish in the top 12. In later levels, you have to finish higher up in the field in order to progress.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your bike / car; Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake; Left & Right Arrows = Steer (alternatively, you can use the WASD keys). When the Nitro Bar in the top left corner of the game screen turns blue, hit the N or X Key in order to activate your Nitrous Booster and gain a huge burst of speed. The Nitro Bar recharges automatically, but you can speed up this process by pressing the M or Z Keys to let go of the wheel and drive ‘Freestyle’. Be careful, as you cannot steer your raceing machine while driving Freestyle. If you drive off the side of the track, you lose vital time as it takes a few seconds for your car / bike to re-spawn back.

You can see your current position (and the position you need to reach in order to qualify for the next race) in the top right corner of the game screen. Collect $ power-ups along the way to boost your Income. This can be used to upgrade your car / bike at the end of each race. The Minor Challenge Races against single opponents can be lucrative in that you can earn plenty of virtual funds to increase your upgrade potential. You’re going to need the most powerful car or bike possible to unlock (and win) all 10 Races, so the Best of Luck up there!

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