Play physics-based construction games online, free creative engineering games, civil engineering games for kids (girls/ boys). Blockgineer is a top interactive construction puzzle & building/ design game for teens to play now, no download. Fun physics construction flash games for PC, Mac, iPad.
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Creative Engineering / Physics Construction Game - Blockgineer

Rating: 6.9/10 - 289 votes

Creative engineering / construction puzzle aficionados should enjoy this game! Blockgineer is an interesting and challenging interactive physics-based construction game where you must use your imagination and design skills to engineer pathways that direct gravity-adhering balls toward their colored matches. Each level begins with a sparsely-filled grid, and at least two same-colored balls separated by distance and hurdles to overcome. You must use both your creative engineering know-how and an arsenal of carefully-positioned blocks and springs to unite a falling with its static counterpart.

This surprisingly addicting technical problem solving activity should prove a good fit for middle and high school students who enjoy tricky online brain teasers, building games, and interactive thinking games in general. Learning through trial and error is the key to success, just as in real-life engineering. Prepare to tackle one of the most popular physics-based puzzles on the web – Happy engineering!

How to Play: In each of the 32 progressively difficult levels, your goal is to unite all of the same-colored balls. In early levels, there are just two red balls on the game screen – one red Target Ball, and one red Moving Ball. You must add the various blocks and springs available to the game grid in order to direct this Moving Ball toward the Target Ball. In later levels, there may be 2X2 different-colored balls on the game grid (e.g two red and two blue). Your goal remains the same – direct all same-colored Moving Balls to their respective Target Balls. Once you click ‘Go’ in the bottom right corner of the game area, the Moving Balls fall from their dotted square outlines, and react to the environment around them. So, before you click ‘Go’, you need to have blocks and other shapes in place that will divert the Moving Ball in your desired direction.

While in ‘Edit Mode’, you can add blocks and springs to the game grid. Click on your block of choice (noting that there are full square blocks and rotatable triangular blocks available), and then click again to add this block to the main game grid. For example, you might want to fill in a ravine / gap with large square blocks so that the Moving Ball doesn’t fall into a gap that is not part of your planned pathway, etc. If you select a triangular block, you can rotate it using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. You can also add springs (the arrow icons) to the grid. Once a Moving Ball comes into contact with a spring, it shoots off in the direction of the spring's arrow. Each block / spring costs ‘Construction Points’ to build, and you only have a set amount of available Construction Points in each level – so use your blocks sparingly and wisely. If you want to scrap all of your blocks / springs from the game screen and start over, click on the ‘Clear’ button in the bottom right corner.

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