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Online Pancake Cooking / Diner Game - Papa’s Pancakeria

Rating: 9.2/10 - 45861 votes

Papa’s Pancakeria is a pancake cooking and fast-food business simulation game where you have to serve hungry customers their pancakes exactly how they want them. This fun role-playing game helps improve your multi-tasking and time-keeping skills while also testing how well you work under pressure. Papa's Pancakeria helps you learn the essential skills of managing a business while also perfecting the culinary art of pancake making.

You’ve got to keep the customers happy, and if you do, you’ll earn tips which you can then use to upgrade your store and make it the best pancake place around! This game will really keep you on your toes - as you have to take orders, cook pancakes and stack them - all at the same time! If you keep on top of the orders and cook them right – you’ll be well on your way to becoming the Pancake King or Queen of the County!

How to Play: There are three main areas where you have to work – the Order Station, Grill Station and Build Station. Follow the tutorial and you will get the hang of it in no time!

Order Station: Here you have to take the orders from your customers. You can take all of the orders in a row and then get cooking, or take one order at a time – it’s up to you. Click on ‘Take Order’ beside the customer to take their order.

Grill Station: Now it’s time to get cooking. Every customer wants their pancake cooked to perfection. Drag the pancake batter onto the grill with your computer mouse. When one side is cooked just right, the indicator to the left of the pancake will turn orange. When that happens, flip the pancake over by clicking on it. When the green indicator reaches the top – your pancake is done, so drag it over to the right hand side – its ready for adding delicious toppings.

Build Station: Each customer wants different toppings on their pancakes. Closely follow their order ticket. For example, they might want two pancakes, four slices of banana and some maple syrup. Make sure you stack them exactly in that order. And don’t put all the toppings in the one place – spread them around on the pancake by dragging the toppings with your computer mouse. Once you complete the order, drag the order ticket to the finish marker on the right hand side.

After that, the customer will taste your pancakes, and if they are good – you’ll earn points and tips. At the end of the day, you can use the virtual money you’ve made to buy new good and upgrade your store. The cooler your store is, the more customers you have. But if you serve up bad pancakes or make customers wait – you won’t receive any tips and that customer won’t be back in a hurry! So make sure you serve up some delicious pancakes on time! Ok, there are some hungry customers waiting! Let’s get grilling.

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