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Soup Cooking Game Online - Rustic Vegetable Soup

Rating: 8/10 - 1817 votes

Are you ready for another “yummylicious” cooking experience? Rustic Vegetable Soup is a straight-forward point-and-click cooking game for kids where you learn how to make a scrumptious vegetable soup using healthy organic ingredients. It’s a tasty, healthy and refreshing dish that all your family will love! Follow the instructions, and mix all of the ingredients correctly to make the delicious steamy soup. Create it step-by-step until it’s piping hot and ready to serve.

Test your culinary skills in this colorful game that is perfect for kids who want to try out fun new cooking recipes. Learn essential cooking skills by mixing, blending and boiling all of the ingredients. Put on your apron, follow the recipe instructions, and pretty soon you’ll have a lip-smackingly good soup to show off to your friends! You can even print off the instructions at the end of the game, and ask a parent or guardian to help you to make some for real! Ready Masterchef? Soup’s on the menu!

How to Play: The controls are pretty easy to understand. You have to follow the yellow arrow pointer and mix the ingredients step-by-step. If the yellow arrow is pointing at an ingredient on the table, that’s the next one that has to be put into the mixture. Left Click on it using your computer mouse to add it to the bowl. Sometimes, the arrow will point at a cooking utensil, such as a spoon or a ladle. You’ll have to click and drag this to the bowl to mix it around. Keep following the pointer’s instructions and you simply cannot go wrong. You’ll have a delicious looking soup in no time!

Once the soup is ready to serve, there are three cool pictures taken of it. You can save these to your computer by clicking on the camera icon. At the end of the game, a detailed description of the recipe is shown. You can copy this down or print it out and try out the recipe for real if you like! (Just make sure you ask your parent or guardian for their help serving that hot soup!)

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