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Fun Typing Game Online - Clockwords

Rating: 6.8/10 - 555 votes

Clockwords is a unique interactive typing game for budding wordsmiths, young and old, where you have to type any word you choose (the bigger the better) as fast as you can in order to blast small spy bugs off the screen. This fascinating learn to type game requires nimble fingers, a sense of fun and loads of words! It provides endless hours of fun-filled educational entertainment and mind-boggling mayhem. In this game, speed is the synonym for success. So type like there’s no tomorrow! Good luck!

The game is set in Victorian London. You are the genius inventor with secret plans for a magical machine that runs on the power of language. All is not good however - your laboratory has been invaded by mechanical insects (sent by a rival inventor) that have come to steal your secrets! You need to protect these precious secret papers, and only your expert typing skills can destroy these nasty bugs and stop them getting away with them! To stop the bugs, you need to blast them with your powerful vocabulary - type any word and then press enter - and you shoot the bugs before they can escape with the papers.

Use big words and type super-fast for maximum bug-blasting effect! Keep an eye on the WPM (Words per Minute) multiplier – this shows you how fast you are typing. The faster you type, the higher the multiplier gets, amplifying your score. Try and use the letters that are displayed on the light brown chambers, in your words – this will cause more damage to these crafty little bugs. If you use all the letters, you activate more chambers. Try not to use the same words twice. Remember, the words have to be real words – the kind you find in the dictionary. No nonsense words (gibberish)!

There are 4 stages to get through, and you can choose from three levels of game play (easy, medium or hard). Certain letters will have different destructive effects on the bugs. You can choose which ones you want to delete or purchase before you start the level. The more secrets you have kept, the more letters you can purchase.

How To Play: There is an (optional) mini movie giving the background story to the game at the start. You can watch or skip this. Next, click on “Adventure” to go through the quick tutorial. Now it’s time to get started. Choose your level of difficulty - easy, medium or hard. Then click on the yellow arrow in the bottom right corner of the game screen to get started.

Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag letters you want to delete into the furnace at the bottom of the game screen. Click on letters you want to buy from the selection on the right hand side of the game screen. Use your computer keyboard to type the letters of the words onto the game screen and press your ENTER key. You can then see them at the bottom of the game screen. Press the BACKSPACE key to delete letters from right to left. You can see your Score at the top of the game screen – and the number of lives you have and secrets in the right hand side of the screen. The WPM multiplier is located in the bottom right. To quit the game, click on the “X” icon in the top right corner. At the end of each level you can see your Damage Score, Multi-Kill Bonus, Length Combo Bonus, New Word Bonus, Flawless Bonus and Total.

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