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Free Physics-based Game to Play Online - Pendulum

Rating: 3.8/10 - 149 votes

Pendulum is an online educational game (based on the physics of gravity) that would knock Newton’s socks off! This pendulum swinging brain-teaser requires an agile mind and super-nimble fingers on your computer mouse! The objective of the game is to finish all pendulum swinging levels as soon as possible (ideally, without going mad!). A stopwatch runs at the top of the game screen.

With retro colors and groovy electro sounds, this fun problem solving activity will have your mind in a daze – enlightened by your new-found knowledge of the effects of gravity on a pendulum. Can you crack this game? Do you have the hand-eye-coordination and the insight to master all levels? Go on Genius; make Einstein proud!

How To Play: When you open the game, you can see 20 digits (0 to 19) moving on the waves in the background. When you hover (point) over each with your computer mouse, you can see the “Best” time to beat for this level. There are 20 levels to choose from and you can start from any level (the higher the level – the more difficult it is). Click on the level number and then click on Start button at the bottom of the game screen. Your task is instantly shown, and then you see colorful arrows showing the direction of gravity. For example, on Level 0 you have to turn the stick around (360 degrees) by clicking on a stationary "+" sign to the left or right of the pendulum stick. You get the stick swinging by attracting it to the connecting point located left or right of the stick.

To make the pendulum stick swing, do the following: When the stick swings to the left – click on the "+" sign located to the right of it. When the stick swings to the right side – click on the "+" sign located to the left of it. To make it swing faster and further – try to click the "+" sign right at that moment when the stick is vertical. This will give it the best momentum. When you complete the level, you’ll see a white "drop-shaped arrow" at the bottom of the screen. This means proceed to the next level. If you are asked to make 3 turns – it means 3 turns non-stop in one direction. If you stop – the turns count start from zero again. Good luck Pendulum Buster!

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