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Fun Typing Game for Kids

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Space Words Defense is a fun interactive typing game for kids and adults where you get to save the galaxy while practicing your typing skills at the same time! This new learning game is one of the most hilarious typing games currently online. It requires rapid finger movement, eyes like an eagle and endless bravery – in order to save the world from the nasty aliens (Kloguns)! Do you possess these heroic skills?

Background: During the Kloguns meeting, they were asked for a “Cup of tea”. Unfortunately, in Klogun language, this means “Declaration of war”. The Kloguns were greatly offended by this and now it’s full-scale war. Fancy yourself to save the planet from aliens? OK, let’s move - time for some supersonic typing! Prepare to defend your honor!

You mission is to blast (type) your way through 6 different levels (as fast as you can) in order to save the planet. Once the alien ships approach, type the word on top of them. Your lasers will then be aimed at the aliens and will blast them out of the skies! The faster you type, the higher you score. Once the ship (word) leaves the game screen (without being blasted), you lose a life. You can play by yourself or with your friends in Challenge mode in this version. Remember to be careful. These words can get big and nasty! No spelling mistakes! If you make too many mistakes, you won’t pass the level and all of earth will suffer. Now, it’s up to you - zap them with your super-sharp typing skills!

How To Play: Choose your difficulty level (Easy, Medium or Hard). Use the keys on your computer keyboard to type in the correct letters of the words that are displayed on top of the moving spaceships in the game screen. Then press the ENTER key and the spaceships will be shot down by lasers. Press keys (1,2,3,4) for a laser attack and (5,6,7,8) for a slow mode attack. You can see the game level, your remaining lives (heart icon) Score and Combo at the top of the game screen.

TIP: Try to use Super-attack (any key from 1 to 4) in the most critical moments. Good luck Space Hero!

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