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World Geography Game Online - Flags of the World

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A national flag is the flag that symbolizes a particular country. How many national flags from countries around the world and the flags of international organizations can you identify? Flags of the World is a fun, educational geography quiz for middle school and high school teens, as well as college students and grown-ups, that tests and expands your knowledge and memory of global emblems.

A good prior understanding of foreign nations is helpful in this fast-paced game, as you race against the clock to recognize flags associated with distant Countries, global Alliances and world-wide Organizations. Save your High Scores and show other players from around the world just how good you are. So, “Geography Genius”, are you ready to take on and complete all 20 levels?

How to Play: To start, you have five lives as indicated by the 5 mortarboard hats (graduate caps) in the top left corner of your game screen. There are 20 levels to enjoy. On Level One, six flags from around the planet are displayed alongside one Country/ Organization name (for example, Australia, NATO). To pass the level, use your computer mouse and Click on the flag associated with the displayed Country or Organization name. In further levels, you are shown one flag and six Country/ Organization names. In these levels, you have to Click on the Country/ Organization name, and not on the flag. If you answer correctly before the timer counts down from 100 to 50 (around 10 seconds), you receive a time bonus.

If you answer incorrectly, or do not answer before the timer runs out (around 20 seconds), you lose a life and you also lose that level. However, you can still progress to the next level when you lose (as long as you have sufficient lives). When you lose all 5 lives, its Game Over!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 or Chrome browser on your PC / MAC, try playing Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed.

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