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Challenging Space Drone Flying Game - Cluster Lander

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Work your reflex skills, and strategically and surgically pilot a jet-powered, futuristic drone spacecraft through a series of obstacle-filled, rock cluster environments in this challenging, platform-based, flying action game! Cluster Lander is a stimulating, escape-the-level exploration game for older kids and teens where you get to be a test pilot for a special, unmanned drone (UAV). You must guide this levitating, rocket-fueled android through a series of 8 dangerous missions where you must find and collect special coordinates, and then make your way back to the level's entry point. Your powerful Cluster Lander craft must flip switches, avoid mine-style baddies, and fly through narrow game environments while avoiding harmful collisions. This is space piloting at its most intricate and testing! Are you up to the task?

Skills required: This tricky space flight arcade game requires a fluid combination of smooth hand-eye coordination skills, really sharp reflexes and anticipation skills, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes (trial and error). The rocket-powered movement of the Cluster Lander requires a very steady hand, and a high level of computer keyboard control.

How to Play: A Flash-based, droid flying skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 8 increasingly-difficult ‘cluster missions’, your task is to pilot a droid to retrieve special coordinates, and then make your way back to the entry pod at the beginning of the level. The coordinates (white sheets of paper) are located at the end of each maze-like game environment. On your travels, you may have to flip switches, hover in special ‘scanning zones’, release drawbridges, and other piloting tasks.

At the beginning of each level, press Spacebar to launch your Cluster Lander into the environment. Control the movement of your spacecraft using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Pick up fuel and health power-ups along your travels to replenish the Fuel / Armor bars in the bottom left corner of the play area. If either of these fall empty, you fail the mission.

Note: You often need to ‘de-stabilize’ the Cluster Lander to squeeze through small gaps. This is done by intentionally crashing hard off of the sides of the game terrain.

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