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Online Helicopter Game fir Kids - Heli Racer

Rating: 6.9/10 - 784 votes

You’ve likely played a lot of online car and bike racing games, so how about taking on the unusual challenge of helicopter racing! Heli Racer is a fun and fast-paced flying game where you have to control a cool little cartoon chopper in 15 edge-of-your-seat races against 3 other helicopters through dark caverns and around mountains. Swerve your way around each 3-lap circuit with incredible piloting skills, and give it everything you’ve got to reach that Checkered Flag in 1st position.

This eccentric and difficult helicopter racing simulation game requires a cool head, practice, determination, a will to win – and plenty of piloting skills! You really need a steady hand to maneuver through the deep underground caves and mountainous terrain of each increasingly challenging track. Can you win all 15 races and become the next Chopper Racing Champion? Let's hop into the cabin and get flying! Good luck!

How to Play: There are 2 Game Modes to choose from – Practice Mode and Competition Mode. Use Practice Mode to get familiar with the controls and the movement of your little blue helicopter. In Competition Mode – you are flying for real. You must finish in the Top 3 places (out of 4) to progress onto the next race track. Your goal is simple – try to win all 15 races to become Champion. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to maneuver your chopper; Left Click to accelerate / increase your height, and use the mouse cursor to direct your flight path. The trick is to lightly click the mouse every few seconds to keep the momentum going.

There are 3-laps in each race, and you can see a map of the circuit in the top right corner of the game screen. Be careful to follow the arrows along the track. In each race, you have to fly through deep caverns – so try not to hit off the treacherous walls. Your helicopter’s Health Bar decreases each time you crash off the sides of the mountains / caves. Crash too often and your chopper explodes, costing you a few valuable racing seconds before you reappear. Press the ESC Key on your computer keyboard to pause the race at any stage.

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