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Rescue Helicopter Game - Freeze Lifter

Rating: 8/10 - 731 votes

Freeze Lifter is a challenging helicopter flying simulation game where you have to carefully pilot a rescue chopper in order to help save helpless civilians (some from the roofs of tall skyscrapers), and return them to safety. The year is 2042, and a devastating new Ice Age has left our planet frozen to the core. Entire cities have been overcome, their skyscrapers standing idle like giant forlorn icicles dominating the skyline… However, there are still some desperate civilians stranded atop the roofs of these buildings, and luckily for them; you control the only Apache rescue helicopter that is still operational..

This difficult online flying activity requires supreme concentration levels and a subtle, deft keyboard-tapping touch. Your chopper responds very sensitively to the control prompts, so make sure your movements are swift and decisive. There are numerous buildings of varying heights, so you must be extremely vigilant at all times and try not to crash off of any of them. Your decision making also comes under intense scrutiny as you choose which civilians to collect first in a specific order, always remembering that fuel is a priceless commodity in this frozen landscape! It’s time to get your serious face on Rescue Pilot – your considerable courage and expert flying skills are our last hope to save these poor civilians from the Big Freeze. Swiftly maneuver your aircraft up and over the frozen buildings, and become the hero of one of the last great rescue stories ever recorded! Good luck up there!

How to Play: In each of the 5 increasingly challenging levels, your selfless job is to rescue all of the stranded civilians, and return them to the helicopter base. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your chopper. To rescue a civilian, simply land the helicopter next to him/her on the roof of a building – the mightily relieved person then automatically hop on board. You can choose to rescue civilians individually, or to pick them up one-by-one, and then fly them all back to the rescue pad together. Some civilians are in hard-to-reach areas low down between buildings. To complete a rescue, fly the civilian/s back to the chopper’s base (the yellow and black landing pad).

Press Spacebar to change the position of your helicopter to reach narrow areas. If your helicopter collides with a building, you lose a life (you have 3 lives in total, indicated at the top of the game screen). Once all of your lives are used, it’s game over! Keep an eye on your fuel reserves at the top of the game screen. If you run out of fuel before all civilians are rescued, you also lose a life. You can see the number of remaining civilians (indicated at the top of the game screen by the icons just underneath the Fuel Bar). In later levels, you also have to contend with the wind. Keep an eye on the mini-map in the top right corner of the game screen for an indication of wind direction, and for a better idea of where civilians are located (civilians are indicated by yellow dots on the mini-map).

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