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Tiger Golf is an very challenging, wacky, physics and timing-based putt-putt golf game where you must hit a ball into the hole on 18 of the most perplexing, obstacle-filled, platform-based mini-holes you've likely encountered. The cute cartoon tiger character has his paws full trying to make his way around this tremendously-tricky course featuring obstacles and hindrances which include springboards, bouncy wooden logs, teleporting machines, undulating hills, and lots of other scorecard-ruining hazards!

Despite the difficulty, this is very much a fun and addicting crazy golf puzzle game, and it requires a fair appreciation for angles, power and trajectory. Keeping good control of your bouncing golf ball is not easy! Accurate and tactful mouse-control is the key to success; timing your shots can often be just as important as the power / direction. Trial and error and plenty of practice is vital in mastering any golf skill and course (and believe us when we say that mistakes will be made!). Will you learn and improve on your highest score?

How to Play: Just like in putt-putt / crazy golf in real life, your goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. There are 18 holes in total, and each hole has a ‘par’ score. Getting the ball into the hole next to the green flag in par (or under) is the hard part.

Aim using your computer mouse or touchpad. A large arrow appears next to your ball, and acts as your aiming and directional device. The further you position your cursor away from the ball, the more powerful your shot will be (The power is indicated by the green color filling the arrow shape). When the arrow is completely green, you're at maximum power. Left Click to make a shot.

The number of shots you have taken is displayed in the bottom left corner of the play area. If you hit a shot out of bounds (outside the game screen boundary), your ball re-appears from the last shot position. Once the ball is potted into the hole, you progress to the next.

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