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Play Helicopter Game Online - Hanna in a Choppa

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Based on a simple concept, Hanna in a Choppa is a stimulating, accuracy and reactions-based, flying action game for kids & teens where you must guide a small helicopter through a series of narrow, closed-off, obstacle-filled levels (where the striking orange and black color scheme gives the game a cool retro look). Playing the role of Hanna, the bravest stick figure chopper pilot of them all, you must carefully dodge, weave, swoop and slide through each tricky flying task. Simple flight movement is not sufficient – you must also engage in interactive tasks such as knocking over boulders, transferring debris, flipping switches, performing complicated flip moves, and more!

Reasons to play this game: Exercise your observation, concentration and coordination skills as you attempt to carefully navigate through each of the 21 increasingly difficult yet entertaining levels. Test your fast reactions as you quickly change direction and try to avoid damaging Hanna's helicopter. Engage your competitive spirit as you endeavor to complete all of the levels to prove your expertise as a true virtual chopper flying wizard!

Best strategy to win: A cool head, great patience and careful planning are key traits required here. There is no time limit, and many levels offer a variety of options on how to get to the Finishing Flag. Use of trial and error is also important – It's highly unlikely that you'll complete each level on your first attempt, so you've got to learn from your mistakes!

How to Play: For notebook, laptop and PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 21 progressively-challenging levels of this helicopter Flash game, your job is to guide the chopper to the orange ‘Finishing Flag’ at the end of every level (A level is completed when you land safely next to the Flag). Control your chopper's movement using the Arrow Keys or WASD Keys on your computer keyboard.

Each level features specialized instructions written in orange text within the game area. It is essential that you pay close attention to these instructions, as they are important in later levels when more complicated actions are required. There is no visible ‘Health Bar’, but if you crash your chopper too hard or too often, you must Replay the level. If you get stuck at any point, press the ‘R’ Key to restart the level (Alternatively, click on the ‘RESTART’ icon in the bottom right corner of the play area). Enjoy this tricky flying challenge!

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