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Hidden Object / Spot a Difference Game - No Download required

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Temple Secrets is a highly-challenging, hidden object and spot-a-difference combo game where you must use eagle-eyed observation and sleuthing skills to solve 5 tricky visual puzzles. Set in the depths of an ancient Egyptian-style temple environment, you must pit your wits against three stimulating hidden-object puzzles and two tricky spot-a-difference challenges. And for added difficulty - both types of level are played against the clock!

Reasons to play this visual puzzle game: Test your eyesight, concentration skills, patience and determination as you scour each level for specific objects or miniscule differences. You'd be surprised how well items can be hidden on a cluttered game screen, or how your mind plays tricks and allows you to miss small differences between two seemingly identical pictures. This is a good game for players who like to get ‘into the zone’ and be totally committed to their problem solving tasks.

Strategy to win: Try to keep all distractions to a minimum – you need to be 100 percent concentrated. Fast reactions and very accurate mouse-control skills are also important. Remember, the clock is ticking! Don't be too proud to use the ‘Hint’ function either – everyone needs some help once in a while!

How to Play: A Flash-based hidden object / spot-a-difference puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are 5 levels in total: Levels 1, 3 and 5 are hidden object challenges, while Levels 2 and 4 are spot-a-difference puzzles. You have a total of five minutes to complete each level.

In ‘hidden object’ levels, you must find and eliminate the 10 objects displayed at the bottom of the game screen before the clock runs out. These 10 items are carefully or cunningly hidden within the cluttered main picture. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, simply Left Click on an item to eliminate it from the game screen / list at the bottom. However, if you click on an item that is NOT in your list, you lose 5 seconds from your allotted time at the top of the game screen. Once all items have been found and eliminated, you progress to the next level.

In ‘spot-a-difference’ levels, you must find the 10 miniscule differences between the two mirrored images. Again, Left Click on an area where you see a discrepancy between the two pictures. If you are correct, the ‘difference’ disappears. However, if you make an incorrect click, you lose 5 seconds from your time limit. Once you correct all 10 differences, you progress to the next level.

In all levels, you have a ‘Hint’ option. Click on the life preserver icon in the bottom right corner of the play area to receive a hint. Depending on which level you are playing, the area of one of the hidden objects / differences is highlighted by a flashing green circle. However, you can only use the ‘hint’ function 3 times in each level, so use it smartly!

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