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Play Finding Treasure Game - The Book of Hidden Objects

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Immerse yourself in a world of hidden objects, priceless artifacts, and precious antiques as you take charge of an important, archaeological object-finding mission! The Book of Hidden Objects is an in-depth, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for kids and teens with an Indiana Jones-style theme where you must find and click on objects deemed valuable by your sleuthing squad. The catch is that the objects have been left in environments filled with clutter and other items – and you must use your eagle-eyed observation skills to pick out the key items.

Some background info: Legendary explorer Eddie has found the infamous ‘Book of Hidden Objects’ which has led your team to the abandoned island of ‘Borgabundia’. Here, you must search through the multiple scenes in search of the items indicated as valuable by the Book.

Skills Required: This is a fun and interactive, mouse-clicking brain teaser where observation, concentration, focus and determination skills are all really important required attributes. Visual cognition and attention-to-detail are essential as you comb through each area in search of the key artifacts. Also exercise and sharpen your reaction speed and accurate mouse clicking skills – The faster you complete each level, the more gold coins you earn for your efforts!

How to Play: A Flash-based, hidden object puzzle and treasure-finding adventure game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). There are three ‘Worlds’ on the island of Borgabundia, and each World has 4 hidden object levels followed by an optional sliding tile puzzle level. In the standard hidden object levels, you must find and click on the objects indicated at the bottom of the play area. Some levels only show the silhouettes (shadows) of each object. When all key items have been found / removed from the play area, you progress to the next level.

If you get stuck and cannot find certain objects, use the ‘Hint’ features in the bottom left corner of the play area. Click on the Magnifying Glass Hint to identify the general area of one object, and click on the Lightning Hint to briefly flash up the location of all missing objects in that level. However, these Hint functions are limited – so choose the moment to use them wisely!

The faster you complete each level, the more ‘gold’ coins you earn. In between each regular level, you can chance some of the gold coins you have earned on a game of ‘find the ball under the cup’. Simply keep track of the cup that has a ball underneath, and then click on it to win!

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