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Jelly Escape

Rating: 7.4/10 - 703 votes

Jelly Escape is a fun and exciting game in which you must help our little jelly friend escape out of the room. In this room there are dangers everywhere so you must avoid the spikes at all cost! We all know that razor sharp spikes and jelly do not match! Switch the gravity of the room so you can essentially walk on the ceiling to avoid the spikes, and then switch it again to drop down! All very scientific! Good luck, collect as many stars as you can in each room!

The aim of the game is to escape out of the room, whilst collecting the stars! A maximum of three stars is available per mission. This game requires you to be good with your timing of the mouse. Press your mouse to flip gravity so you must time this perfectly so that you avoid the spikes and you catch the stars at the same time. Also, use your judgement skills to help you in this decision making aspect of the game!

How to Play: Press the left click on the mouse to switch the gravity so you can walk on the ceiling or float upwards. Similarly, press it again to reset! You will progress when you move through the exit door!

This HTML5 based game works on mobile devices and PC/Mac browsers.

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