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Play HTML5 Space Invader Game Online

Rating: 7.1/10 - 240 votes

Play a quick-fire, space invaders-style game online! Space Invader is a fast-paced, one-level arcade challenge based on the iconic 1980's game! The premise is simple – you are the ‘good guy’ spaceship at the bottom of the play area, and must blast the creepy alien ships at the top of the game screen with accurate missile fire. Fast reaction speed and excellent hand-eye coordination skills are key here to your success. So, are you ready to rid the galaxy of these pesky little retro invaders for once and for all?

How to Play: IMPORTANT – In order to fully load the gameplay, first Click on the game screen once with your mouse. If this online, HTML5-based desktop game still does not load for you, try playing it on another web browser - It currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Once the game opens fully, press Spacebar to immediately start the action. Control your spaceship using the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Your spaceship automatically fires phazer missiles. There are 40 enemy spaceships to be eliminated. Each time you are hit by an enemy missile, you lose 10 points from your Health Bar in the top left corner of the play area. If this reaches zero, you lose a life (You have three lives in total).

As this is a one-level game, why not set yourself some challenging targets? Try to defeat all of the space invaders without losing a life. Or, if you are really proficient, try to complete the level without sustaining any damage at all! Good luck!

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