Online cat games for kids (girls and boys) to play now for free with no download: Sushi Cat 2 game is a very funny and entertaining arcade skill/ puzzle game mix for both little kids and older children/ teens to play together online. Fun food games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, cool new virtual pet games for kids.
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Online Cat Game for Kids - Sushi Cat 2

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The internet is full to the brim with wacky pictures, videos, and songs about cats, so it’s only right that we have an addicting online flash game dedicated to an eccentric and lovable kitty! Sushi Cat 2 is a fun and unusual arcade game sequel where you have to drop a hungry little blue cat into a pinball-style grid filled with pieces of sushi that he has to gobble up. After the greedy Bacon Dog stole our hero’s favorite pink teddy, he vowed to become larger and stronger by feasting on Sushi (a delicious Japanese dish that usually consists of raw fish and rice). You have to strategically drop Sushi Cat into an obstacle-filled grid based on the iconic “Plinko” game show activity. The feisty little animal bounces around the obstacle-filled area, collecting enough sushi to fill his belly, and progress to the next level.

You don’t have to be an eccentric lover of cats to enjoy this light-hearted skill & puzzle-based game. The funny animations, quirky characters, and simple mouse-clicking controls make this an enjoyable activity for anyone looking for something a little different from the norm! You have to rely a lot on luck (and the effects of gravity), as you cannot control the cat once he is released into the grid. However, it sure is fun to watch a ravenous cartoon cat gobble up sushi with such gusto! Help this cute kitty become a sushi-filled giant multiple times his original size! Happy feeding!

How to Play: In each increasingly difficult level, your goal is to help Sushi Cat achieve a ‘Full Belly’ by eating a set target volume of sushi pieces (usually 25 or 30). You begin each level with 5 cats, and have to ensure they collect the target amount of sushi pieces between them to progress. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, move your cat along the top of the game screen, and Left Click to release him into the obstacle-filled grid. He bounces around, reacting and interacting with the ledges and obstacles in each level. Once he comes into contact with a piece of sushi, he gobbles it up, and the total number of sushi pieces he must collect on that level reduces in the top right corner of the game screen. You can see how many cats you have remaining in the top left corner. Once a cat falls into the bin at the bottom of the game screen, the next cat is automatically loaded at the top.

In each level, there are 3 ‘Golden Sushi’ pieces that you can collect to increase your score and amass fun new ‘outfits’ for your cat to wear. There are also special ‘Supermarket Sweep’ bonuses where you receive a set amount of time where you can actually click on the sushi pieces to collect them rather than have the cat come into contact with them. In later levels, the pinball-style ledges and obstacles move around the playing field, making it more difficult. If you run out of usable cats without hitting the ‘Full Belly’ target, click the ‘Try Again’ button that appears to restart the level.

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