Fun farming games, online matching games for little kids free to play now with no download: Little Farm game is a funny virtual farming & vegetable matching game for young children (girls & boys) to enjoy. Interactive farm games for PC, Mac, iPad. Farmscapes game also, easy to play activities for kids.
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Little Farm Game for Kids Online

Rating: 7.3/10 - 92 votes

Little Farm is a straight-forward, mouse-clicking matching puzzle game for younger kids where you have to help the Norman family grow truck-loads of produce by quickly watering their vegetable fields. With a watering can (your mouse cursor) in-hand, you must click and drag to form a square or rectangle-shaped outline wherein all 4 corner tiles of your new shape are filled with matching veggies. Once you create a square or rectangle with four matching corner tiles – all of the vegetables (of any type) within this entire area are watered, harvested, and sent automatically to one of the waiting trucks. Once all trucks are full, you march on to the next level! This fast-paced, food harvesting activity is all about combining good observation skills with rapid point-and-click action. You need to keep a keen eye out for the largest possible square or rectangle with matching corners – the bigger the valid shape you draw, the more veggies that get harvested. Are you ready to do some good old-fashioned farm work? Let’s see what you’re made of Partner!

How to Play: In each increasingly challenging level, your goal is to fill all of the waiting vegetable trucks before your timer column runs out (displayed on the left hand side of the game screen) – but you should have sufficient time to complete your harvest, especially in the first few levels. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click and drag to make a square or rectangle shape on the large grid of vegetables. The shape must have a minimum of 4 ‘cells’ (vegetable units) in it. If all four corner cells of your highlighted square or rectangle shape are filled with matching vegetables, release your Click to harvest all of the items in that area. For beginners - a helpful blue outline may appear when you have selected a valid square / rectangle. Once all of the vegetable trucks are filled, you progress to the next level.

In later levels, you have to contend with various obstacles that try to impede your hard work. For example, rabbits randomly appear on your field, and attempt to eat your yummy veggies! Click on a bunny 3 times in order to eliminate it from the game screen. Likewise, if it rains, click on a puddle in order to remove (drain) it from a cell. You score extra points for finding rare items such as lost coins (cool!), and you get a mega bonus if you find the ‘Best Match’, i.e. the largest possible valid square or rectangle at any one moment. Happy farming, and even happier harvesting!

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