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Online Santa Drawing Game for Kids - Snow Line

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Get ready for a brain-teasing yuletide drawing adventure where you have to skillfully sketch lines of snow to help Santa Claus recover a bunch of lost gifts (nicely wrapped presents) in each level. Snow Line is a challenging physics-based skill game for kids where you have to carefully guide Santa’s sleigh across obstacles and ravines up to the summit of the mountain using a special Snow Crayon. In each tricky level, you have to carefully direct Santa toward the finish line by creating pathways and bridges of snow, ensuring he picks up all of the gift-wrapped boxes along the way. This is no time to be singing along to “Jingle Bells”, Santa needs your help!

This fun, Christmas-themed puzzle should be ideal for kids who like to exercise their creative engineering abilities, as you have to methodically create channels, paths and bridges to guide Santa to his goal. There’s plenty of potential trial and error required before you find a suitable solution in each level, so keep drawing those lines of snow. Your creative abilities are thoroughly tested as you attempt to engineer a smooth journey for Santa through the treacherous mountainous terrain. There's still plenty of time to be good and to practice helping others, so let's reach our "peak" for the Holiday Season. Good luck, and happy path building!

How to Play: In each of the 12 tricky levels, your goal is to guide Santa’s sleigh across the dangerous mountain toward the Checkered Flag, collecting 3 Presents along the way. At the start of each level, Santa is far away from the Checkered Flag which is usually situated on the right side of the game screen. You must draw a bridge or pathway of snow to get him there with your magical Snow Crayon.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to draw your Snow Lines. Left Click and drag along the game screen with the Crayon to draw a pathway for Santa in the direction of the Checkered Flag. Your pathway or route should help Santa to build up sufficient momentum to reach the Flag, while also bringing him in contact with the gifts along the way. When you think your path of snow is ready – click the green ‘Play’ button’ at the top of the game screen to set Santa on his way.

If Santa collects all three gifts and reaches the Checkered Flag, excellent! However, if he falls down a ravine or gets stuck, you have to go back to the drawing stage and make alterations to your pathway (Santa must also collect all of the gifts in each level – 2 out of 3 is not enough to progress). if Santa gets stuck, click on the green 'Stop' button during the sleigh journey to return to the drawing stage. You only have a certain amount of snow to work with, as indicated by the Snow Bar on the right of the game screen. Click on the blue ‘Undo’ Arrow to undo the last line of snow that you created. Click on the red X button to clear your pathway completely, and start again.

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