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Basic Learning Mandarin Game - Chinese Numbers 1-10

Rating: 5.6/10 - 97 votes

Learn how to identify basic Mandarin Chinese number characters (from 1 to 10), their Pinyin phonetic transcriptions in the Latin alphabet, and their pronunciations. Chinese Numbers is an easy-to-play, interactive number-recognition game with audio for young children (as well as anyone looking for a basic introductory vocabulary-building activity for learning Mandarin Chinese number characters) where you have to select the correct number displayed (and pronounced) in a series of multiple-choice questions. This fun activity can also be used as a good interactive teaching aide and reinforcement exercise in the school classroom or preschool.

Test your visual recognition, listening and pronunciation skills, and learn some new words from a very cool language of the world! It's time to really impress your family and friends at the dinner table! Happy Chinese learning!

How to Play: Click on the correct number (1-10) displayed in the question at the top of the game screen. The number is displayed in its original Chinese character form as well as a transcribed Pinyin version of what the number sounds like in the Latin alphabet. An audio version of the word is spoken (so ensure that the sound is turned up on your computer device). To progress, simply click on the correct answer from the choices at the top of the game screen. If you make a mistake, a large red X marker appears across your incorrect answer. Keep clicking on correct answers in order to fill up the ‘Points Meter’ on the right hand side of the game screen. Once this Meter is full, you progress to the next level.

Audio versions of the numbers 0 to 10: As an additional mini-activity under the same question, you can use the colored bars that start out in the left-sided stacking column as an interactive counting and pronunciation aid. Simply drag bars individually or in groups over onto the right-sided stacking column to hear the audio version in Mandarin Chinese of the number of colored bars in the right-sided column. You can move bars back to the left side also to practice counting in reverse. Click on the black number displayed below the right-sided stacking column at any time to hear what that number sounds like in Mandarin. This mouse-clicking action could also be used as an intensive, repetitive drilling exercise.

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