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Match 3 Bubbles Game - Pirates Bubbles

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Match 3 colored bubbles in a stern test of your reactions, quick decision-making skills and mouse accuracy. Pirates Bubbles is a straight-forward match 3 bubbles shooting game for younger kids and elementary school students where you have to eliminate as many colored bubbles (like cannonballs) from the game screen as possible. You take control of a powerful bubble cannon at the bottom of the game screen in a ‘Breakout’-style environment, and must make as many hovering bubbles as possible disappear by creating matches of three or more with accurate shots. The catch here is that the mass of bubbles above intermittently refresh (adding a new layer of bubbles) and slowly edge toward the bottom of the play zone. As a general rule, you must keep the advancing mass as far away from the bottom of the game grid as possible!

In this easy-to-play matching action game, very good mouse control (aiming and clicking accuracy) is absolutely essential. You also need to exhibit good observation skills and on-the-spot strategic planning as you decide in milliseconds where your next shot is going to be fired. This game could also be a fun color-learning activity and challenging motor skills exercise for little children as they aim to match up bubbles of the same shade.

How to Play: Score as many points as possible by eliminating groups of three or more bubbles at a time from the grid using bubbles fired from your own cannon at the bottom of the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, aim with the cursor, and Left Click to fire. The bubble missile flies up into the advancing mass of bubbles above, and attaches itself to the first bubble it comes into contact with. If this contact results in a grouping of three or more of the same color – all of these bubbles (and any free-hanging bubbles of a different color) are instantaneously eliminated. Keep repeating this process.

After short time intervals, a new layer of bubbles is added to the top of the game screen, pushing the main group downward toward your cannon station. You must work hard to counteract this by continuously creating quick-fire matches. As well as the "loaded bubble" you are about to fire, the "next up bubble" ready for your cannon chamber is also visible to the right side (so this gives you an advantage, and you should use this information smartly!). This should give you a good idea of where to concentrate your next shots (For example, if you have two red colored bubbles ready for firing, you can aim at any red bubble in the main group, and fire two quick shots – guaranteeing you a match!). You can restart the game at any stage by clicking on the circular arrow button at the bottom of the play zone. Once the mass of bubbles reaches the level of your cannon, it’s game over, and your final score is displayed. After you are returned to the Main Menu screen, click ‘Play’ to start again, and try to beat your high score!

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