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This page lists the newest match 3 games, fun color matching games, memory matching games, picture matching puzzles on for kids & teens to play online at home or at school. Exercise your concentration and observation skills, and test your quick reactions. Play some of the best new free computer-based games all on one site.

Find matching pairs of European country flags against the clock in six increasingly-challenging levels! Europe Flags Memory is a fun and straight-forward, interactive matching pairs puzzle game for young kids (elementary school age students and older) where you have a limited time to find and eliminate pairs of flags from a grid of face-down picture tiles.

Reasons to play this point-and-click matching game: Test your observation and memory skills as you focus hard to remember where each European country flag is positioned on the grid. Fast reactions and the ability to concentrate under pressure also come into play as the timer ticks down – So, try to keep a cool head and focus on the exercise!

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Remove all blocks from the play area against the clock by clicking on adjacent, matching groups of three or more! Gold Rush Puzzle is a multi-level, block-removal, match 3 brain-teaser game for kids where you must utilize sharp analytical thinking skills to create and eliminate matching groups of same-colored blocks from the play area. ‘Click-to-remove’ the matching groups, and try to strategically eliminate all blocks, to completely empty the grid.

Skills required: This interactive, point-and-click puzzle game requires good observation, concentration and analytical thinking skills, and lots of determination (especially in later levels) as you attempt to figure out the best way to rid the play area of all blocks. Be patient and thorough. Although you are playing against the clock, you should have sufficient time to complete each block removing puzzle. Accurate coordination / mouse clicking skills are also important – an incorrect click could result in big trouble!

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Block removal "match 3 or more" game with a strategic twist! Wrong Block is a challenging and unusual match 3, 4 or more puzzle and treasure hunt-style game where you must remove singular colored blocks which prevent neighboring blocks from forming identical, adjacent matching groups of three or more. This is a quirky departure from normal matching puzzles where you usually swap or move blocks to make matches.

Playing against the clock, your ultimate task in each level is to move all of the pieces of a special artifact (shown to you at the beginning of the level) to the very bottom row of the grid. To do this, you must remove ‘Wrong Blocks’ as quickly and strategically as possible.

Skills required: In this fun, grid-based, point-and-click puzzle, good focus, concentration, observation skills, great determination and a sense of urgency are essential. You must carefully and methodically scan the grid in an attempt to create matching groups that would be advantageous to eliminate. Fast reactions and accurate mouse clicking skills are also important, especially against the pressure of the ticking clock!

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Create and eliminate adjacent matches of 3 identical blocks, and exercise your reaction speed in this fun, Tetris-themed skill game. Stack Up is a fast-paced and challenging block stacking game where your task is to carefully create horizontal, vertical, or diagonal matches of 3 or more identical blocks. Very similar to Tetris, this descending block activity features 3-block units which you must skillfully manipulate as they fall. You must hit a specified target number of valid matches (lines) in order to complete each level.

Skills / strategy required: This is a dexterity and reflex-based construction puzzle where you must react quickly to position the falling blocks to your advantage. Use good hand-eye coordination and sharp visual skills to carefully (yet swiftly) figure out where to place each block unit. Try to keep a cool head when the blocks near the top of the grid – patience is important!

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A hard visual puzzle where you must create matching groups of 2 or 3 same-colored triangles to form a shape which is then eliminated from a grid: Rotamania is a highly-challenging, interactive, rotation-based matching puzzle game for elementary through high school ages (and adults too) where you must rotate different colored blocks in order to create and eliminate matches of 2 or 3 adjacent, same-colored triangles that form a shape / figure. With three difficulty levels featuring 2, 3 and 4 different colors respectively, you must carefully and methodically rotate the positions of the blocks, and try to figure out a solution that completely clears the grid, or gets you to a point where no more matches are possible.

Skills & strategy required: This stimulating and head-scratching, visual brainteaser game requires deep focus, concentration, analytical thinking skills, patience, great determination and stamina. Trial and error is also very important, especially of you want to take on the harder, 3 and 4-color levels. Tip: Use the larger triangles smartly and efficiently by trying to combine them with two smaller triangles.

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Immerse yourself in an authentic virtual version of Mahjonng – the ancient Chinese tile matching game for players of all ages. Mahjonng Garden is a stimulating and charming, online matching pairs puzzle where you must find and eliminate identical, unblocked pairs of tiles from a 144-tile grid against the clock. This game is made trickier by the short, 5-minute time limit, and the fact that traditional Chinese characters and symbols are used on the tiles!

Skills required: Keen focus and concentration skills are vital as you survey the large grid on the hunt for matching pairs that are free of blockages from the side or above. Great patience and determination are also required – Mahjonng is a game of step-by-step action. However, with the clock constantly ticking, there is pressure on you to move quickly and efficiently with your mouse clicking, and with a sense of urgency to solve the visual problem.

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Cubety is a stimulating, point and click, block-removing puzzle and matching game for kids where you must remove adjacent, same-colored block clusters from an increasingly-large grid of blocks. Beginning with a full grid, you must gradually, methodically, carefully eliminate matching groups of two or more blocks at a time.

Skills required: This online block matching game requires good visual skills and problem solving determination as you work to manipulate the grid in order to create valid, removable, adjacent block pairs or groups. Color coordination skills are also important in later levels when blocks designs become more complex. Your decision-making skills are also tested when you encounter the dilemma of whether to ‘shuffle’ the grid or not.

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Eggs Madness: New Generation is a fun, colorful, bubble shooter "match 3 or more game" for little kids, elementary school age players and family. Here, you must create and eliminate groups of 3 or more same colored eggs by firing single eggs accurately into the large grid. Utilizing simple, mouse-control-based aiming skills, you must try to completely clear the grid in each level in as fast a time as possible.

Skills required: In this stimulating, interactive aiming and accuracy-based skill game, good hand-eye coordination, observation skills and deft mouse control are really important. Creating and eliminating the matching eggs can become tricky, especially in later levels when there are a lot of different colors in the play zone.

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Gems is a challenging, grid-based, match 3 or more puzzle game for kids where you must create and eliminate matching groups of same colored gems, playing against the clock. Utilizing good strategy, you must rotate gems within the grid, and create new matching groups on a quest to reach a specific target number of eliminations for each gem color.

Skills / strategy required for this fast-paced, matching puzzle: Good observation skills and fast reactions are really important as you attempt to very quickly create as many matching groups as you can against the clock. The more groups you make, the more time you earn, so you can get into a productive rhythm. Decision-making skills are also vital – Try to figure out which gem color requires the most attention, and then focus on creating matches of that color.

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Soccer Match is a very enjoyable and addicting, interactive, grid-based matching puzzle game for kids where you must try to work the ball into your opponents ‘goal zone’ by creating matching, adjacent groups (chains) of objects that stretch all the way to your opponent's end of the grid. Starting with the position of the ball, you must ‘shoot’ toward your opponent's end by directing the ball through matching groups of trophies, whistles, red cards, and clock timers. Can you make it to 5 goals before your computer opponent does?

Reasons to play this innovative, turn-based, visual brain teaser: Test and exercise your observation and visual problem-solving skills, game management and strategy skills, mouse control, and more as you attempt to dominate the grid by scoring goals and denying your opponent easy access to your goal area. Pit your considerable wits against the crafty computer opponent, and showcase your creative thinking and engineering skills as you seek and find the many different ways to keep the ball down in your opponent's area of the grid as much as you can.

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Flower Power is a classic-style, match 3 or more bubble shooter game where you must create and eliminate matching groups of identical, adjacent flowers by firing additional flowers into a descending, confined game grid. With the clock constantly ticking down, and the flowers inching toward the bottom of the play area, you only have a limited time to completely clear the grid of flowers with your arrow key controls.

Reasons to play this fun, high-intensity, aiming & accuracy-based skill game: Bring your sharp observation skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination and fine motor (finger dexterity) skills to the fore as you attempt to create and eliminate as many matches of 3 or more as possible with accurate shots. Exercise your fast reaction skills as you quickly change direction and maneuver your flower cannon depending on the ever-changing grid environment.

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Cosmic Rocks is an aiming and accuracy-based, match 3 or more bubble shooter game for kids where you must fire colored meteoroid rocks into a cluttered game grid of descending meteoroids, and create matching groups to eliminate. You have 3 minutes to create and eliminate as many matching groups as you can from the play area.

Reasons to play this classic bubble shooter-style game: Test and exercise your observation and concentration skills, hand-eye coordination and mouse control as you attempt to accurately fire the colored meteoroid rocks into the main grid area.

Strategy to win: Playing against the clock, you cannot afford to take too much time on each shot. Aim and fire as soon as the meteoroid is loaded into your shooting cannon. Try to think one or two shots ahead in order to plan out your subsequent matching opportunities.

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Test your focus, visual skills and memory in Mahjongg Toy Chest, a straight-forward yet challenging tile matching-based puzzle game for younger kids / elementary school age children. Based on the ancient Chinese solitaire matching pairs game Mah Jongg, your task is to spot and eliminate identical, unblocked pairs of colorful toy and object picture tiles from a large grid against the clock. The catch is that the grid is stacked in a multilevel arrangement (of different columns), and you must carefully remove matching pairs from often different levels to gain access to further tiles or to eliminate a column within the arrangement of tiles!

Reasons to play this stimulating Mahjong brain teaser game: Test and exercise your observation and concentration skills, perception and memory skills as you work to spot the matching pairs among the clutter! Show off your fast reactions and accurate mouse clicking skills as you race to empty the grid before the clock runs out.

Strategy to win: The key to Mahjongg is getting access to the lower layers of tiles. This means you should try to concentrate on the more heavily-stacked areas and columns of the grid, especially at the start of the game. Try to remember where corner pieces are especially in the taller columns. Don't delay your actions for too long – the 5-minute clock keeps ticking down!

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Play an addicting and challenging brain-teaser, disc swapping and matching-based puzzle game online! Bunch is a stimulating, interactive, multilevel, visual puzzle game for kids and teens that combines color coordination skills, observation skills and problem solving determination. With two distinct game modes, you must swap colored discs around a confined game grid, creating as many matches of three or more discs as you can.

Reasons to play this challenging brain-teaser game: Fans of classic match-3 games such as Candy Crush should enjoy the simple action here. Test and exercise your reactions and reflexes against the clock in classic mode, or give your analytical thinking skills a more thorough examination in Puzzle mode.

Read the introductory instructions to the mode you play. Depending on the mode, you might have to be more aggressive and quick in your swapping and matching. You need to focus hard on the environment, searching for possible swaps and matches. This game requires great stamina and determination to progress high into the levels.

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Play a fast-paced, interactive, aiming and accuracy-based matching game where you compete against an opponent in a fierce, one-on-one, match 4, five-minute bubble bursting battle! Orbwars: Mayhem is a highly-challenging, 1 or 2 player matching-based puzzle where you must fire colored orbs into a cluttered game grid, and try to create horizontal and/or vertical groups of 4 or more of the same colored orbs! The catch is that you have an opponent with exactly the same mission on the other side of a split screen, and you must race to outscore him/her on points before the clock runs out!

Reasons to play this high-energy, online matching activity: This is a wild combination of game ideas that fuses one-on-one tactical play, color-based matching, reaction time, accuracy-based shooting, and more! Play against 4 different difficulty levels of computer opponents, or take on a friend, family member or classmate in a competitive one-on-one battle on the same computer!

Strategy to win: Be disciplined, and try to concentrate on your own side of the screen alone! Continually focusing on what your opponent is doing will only slow you down (However, an occasional glance at their points tally is advised!). Your concentration skills, reaction speed, stamina, and determination levels are all vitally important as you try to constantly manage the grid, and eliminate groups of same-colored orbs as quickly as possible.

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Fairy Town is a very addicting, mouse-only, aiming and accuracy-based, match-3 game where you must fire colored balls (orbs) into a 360-degree grid, and attempt to score matches of three or more. Working against the clock, you must attempt to eliminate all of the small orbs from the play area before the timer reaches zero.

Reasons to play this cannon shooting, matching puzzle game: This is a fun online activity for exercising your visual and color coordination skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and tactful mouse clicking. Fans of straight-forward, skill-based matching games should enjoy the action.

Strategy to win: A sense of controlled urgency is necessary here. While keeping close attention on the clock timer, carefully and methodically try to pick out the best area of the grid to attack with your cannon shots. If you get an opportunity, try to attack the central ‘bomb’ orb as often as you can. Grid management is very important – don't just focus on removing one specific color or area, try to spread out your elimination and matching attempts.

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Play a simple, memory-based, picture tile matching game for 1 or 2 players! The Match Right is a fun and addicting matching pairs game where you can choose to play against the clock or a best friend or family member in a tricky, tile-flipping challenge. There are no fancy tricks or special moves here – just good, old-fashioned memory and picture card matching skills on show!

Reasons to play this mouse-clicking, matching game: Test and exercise your reactions, memory and visual skills as you play against the clock, or enjoy a competitive challenge with your buddy in fun 2-player mode. If you enjoy playing classic matching pairs games, and like a good tile-based matching puzzle, this game should fit the bill.

Strategy to win: High levels of focus, concentration, and determination combined with sharp visual and memory skills are the absolute essentials here. Memorizing the locations of each object can be tricky especially in 2-player mode where the grid of tiles is much bigger. Accurate mouse clicking also comes into play, especially in 1 player mode where the clock is counting down!

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Juicy Dash is an addicting, interactive ‘match 3 or more’ game and visual puzzle with really good graphics - playable on Android mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop, and desktop PC. Faced with a 7X7 grid of different fruits, you must swap their positions in order to create adjacent matching groups of three or more of the same fruits. Your goal is to reach a specific points target in each level, but beware that the clock is ticking!

This fun, easy-to-play matching puzzle for little kids through teens requires good concentration and observation skills as well as fast reactions. Color coordination and strategy skills are also essential as you figure out the fastest and most efficient way to reach your points target before the clock runs down. This is a great "time filler" game when you perhaps have to wait around somewhere. It's like eating popcorn at the movies - You cannot stop! So, happy fruit matching!

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Mahjongg Relax is a classic-style, matching puzzle game where you must find and eliminate identical, unblocked pairs of tiles from a large, stacked grid. The catch is that you can only select tiles that are ‘free’; you cannot remove tiles if they are ‘blocked off’ by a tile on top, or by two neighboring tiles positioned on either side (right or left).

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the game, Mahjong (aka Mah jongg) is an ancient Chinese tile game. Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this particular mahjong simulation is a more accessible, one-player version of the game where you score points for making matches, and must clear the grid before the clock runs out. The theme of the game is of a ‘relaxing spa’, so the tiles depict various related items such as lotus flowers, scented candles, massage oils, etc. This fun visual matching puzzle activity requires good observation and concentration skills, good tactical strategy, fast reactions, and the tenacity to find new matches. Happy tile matching!

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Match 3 or more gems: Treasure Hunt is a challenging and addicting, multi-level gem stone matching game where you must make ‘position swap moves’ in order to create and eliminate matching groups of 3 or more same-colored gems. You are set a specific target number of gem eliminations in each level, and must reach these targets within a certain number of ‘moves’ to progress. Playable on mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop, levels increase in difficulty with higher matching elimination targets, fewer moves, and smaller grids.

This interactive online visual puzzle requires sharp focus and observation skills, and good strategy. There is no time limit, so work your way patiently around the grid, creating as many scoring matches as you can with each action. Enjoy!

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