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Play Matching 3 Game for Kids - Ironworks

Rating: 8.8/10 - 43 votes

Ok Match 3 game enthusiasts, it’s time to be transported back to the Industrial Age – where molten balls of liquid are being be cast into solid iron in a real-life metal factory. Your objective – match-up those balls of iron! Ironworks is a fun and colorful matching game for kids where you have to eliminate balls of iron from a large grid by shooting your own colored iron balls – and creating matches of 3, or more, of the same color. As the grid of differently-colored balls slowly inches toward you, you must try to eliminate all of the balls on the grid to progress. This is a tricky task, as there is a pesky factory worker (doing a good job) adding extra balls to the grid as the level continues.

Use the angles of the square grid to bounce balls into position from around corners, and carefully choose the correct moment to fire. You’ll need quick reactions and good observation skills to be successful here, as there are lots of different colors and angles to fire at. Ready to tackle this red-hot matching puzzle? It’s time to ‘iron’ out the kinks, and become the Ultimate Matching Machine!

How to Play: In each level, there is a large grid with a number of differently colored Iron Balls at the top of it. At the bottom of the grid, you have a cannon that fires a Ball, one at a time, into the grid. To do this, aim with your computer mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to fire (you can see which color ball you are firing poking out of the top of the cannon). The Ball that you shoot sticks to the first Ball it touches on the grid. If this creates a match of three or more same-colored Balls touching off one another – they are all eliminated. Keep firing balls accurately into the grid to create as many matches as possible.

A factory worker is slowly adding a line of Balls to the grid every few seconds as the level progresses. This results in the Balls inching slowly toward the bottom of the game screen. If they reach all the way down, it’s game over, and you have to start again. Once you clear the whole grid, you progress to the next level. Score points for each match you make – check out your score meter in the top left corner to see how well you are doing.

Bonus scores: If you match 3 or more same-colored Balls touching off one another, and this creates a situation where there are one or more free-hanging balls of a different color positioned below the group that you have just matched, these free-hanging balls are also eliminated with the matching group. Can you spot and take advantage of such opportunities when they arise?

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