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Online Math Practice Game - Brain Machine

Rating: 6.4/10 - 58 votes

Test yourself today Math Whizz! Brain Machine is a fast-paced, mouse-clicking math arcade game where you must solve increasingly difficult addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication equations at speed. This challenging and intense math game is a good fit for upper elementary and middle school math students (while high school students could also use this online activity for some solid math reinforcement). You play the role of the ‘Brain Machine Manager’, and must try your best not to let your brain power (time) run out! You have to continuously rejuvenate the power of your machine by answering equations correctly. As well as testing your cognitive skills and mathematical prowess, this game also requires you to exhibit quick reactions, good observation, and a cool head under pressure. Math is never boring with Brain Machine.

How to Play: In each increasingly challenging level, you must answer 7 equations before the timer (brain power meter) runs out on the right hand side of the game screen. A massive grid of numbers between 1 to 9 is presented in front of you, and a math equation displayed at the bottom of the grid. You simply have to click on numbers from the grid that correctly fit the equation in order to progress to the next question! Each time you complete an equation, further seconds are added to the timer, and the numbered-tiles you selected on the grid are eliminated. Once the timer runs out, it’s game over.

Each time you ‘level up’, the equations become more difficult. For example, in Level 1 you might be presented with an equation such as __ + __ = 7. To complete this equation, you would click on a number 4 and 3 from the grid (or 5 and 2, 6 and 1 etc). However, in later levels the equations are more complex; For example, __ + __ X __ = 8.

Tip: For the more tricky equations, remember that you should do the more complex part of the equation first (if there is a multiplication and addition part – do the multiplying first!) In order to restart the game, click on the ‘Play Again’ button. Good luck!

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