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Free Online Geometry Math Game - Slice Geom

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Slice Geom is a challenging geometry-based puzzle game where you have to successfully slice shapes into equal parts in each level. Exercise your knowledge of shapes and ratios to cut the increasingly complex shapes into parts of equal or close-to-equal proportion (in overall percentage in size). It’s not as easy as simply slicing a square in half - there are difficult shapes that have to be manipulated into smaller shapes, as close to equal in size as possible. With beginner and advanced levels, this should be a good and enjoyable geometry activity for math puzzle enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

This tricky brain teaser will really test your analytical skills and spatial awareness abilities as you have to figure out a solution based on sight, shapes, and a certain level of geometry knowledge. There’s a lot of potential trial and error involved, especially in higher levels, so you’ll need the patience and tenacity of a lion. Mathematical Masterminds come in all shapes and sizes – could you be the new Geometry Genius on the block? It’s time to get problem solving!

How to Play: Before you start slicing shapes, you must choose your difficulty level, either Easy Geom, or Hard Geom. In each level, you are given a shape (or shapes) on a chalkboard (old-school style!). In the top right corner of the game screen, you are shown how many equal-in-proportion shapes it must contain in order to pass the level. Just below that, the number of chalk slices you can make on the shape is displayed. To make a slice, Left Click outside of the shape using your computer mouse or touchpad. Drag your mouse to the opposite side of where you want the slice to be, and click again. If the chalk line is white – you have made a valid slice.

Make sure you follow the instructions in the top right corner. Making too many shapes causes you to fail the level, as does creating too few shapes. Once you have created the correct number of shapes in the correct amount of chalk slices, the computer will start counting the percentage in size that each smaller shape is of the overall shape. If they are close enough to equal, you earn 3 Stars and progress to the next level. Depending on how equal the percentages are, you might receive less Stars, or even fail the level. If you fail, or want to restart a level at any stage, click on the circular arrow on the right of the game screen. In the Harder Geom levels, a red area appears on some of the shapes. You cannot make slices across this area, which in turn, increases the difficulty.

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