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Math Game for Middle School / Elementary Students - Carpenter’s Cut

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Carpenter’s Cut is a fun math puzzle for higher elementary school grades and middle school age kids where you have to help a carpenter do his job by measuring out planks of wood that have to be cut to specific lengths. Charlie the Carpenter has a pile of planks that he needs correctly measured so that he can start building a new log cabin. Unfortunately, Charlie is not very good at math – and that’s where you come in! Use Charlie’s list of measurements to mark the exact spots where each piece of wood should be cut to ensure he has the correct length each time. Charlie recommends that you work using the Carpenter’s Code – ‘Measure twice, and cut once!’

This increasingly tricky brain teaser will really test your addition and multiplication math ability as you have to deal with multiple different number values for each plank of wood. Your problem-solving skills will come into play, as you have to figure out the correct combination of lengths that each piece of timber must be cut into. Happy measuring!

How to Play: In each of the 10 increasingly difficult levels, Charlie has a list of smaller measurements that you have to mark out on longer pieces of wood. The list of measurements is shown in the top right corner of the game screen. After you have checked the list, (for example, it could ask for 2 X 8” – meaning two planks of 8 inches each) hover your mouse over the planks. A mark appears on the plank, with a number indicating the size of the piece to be cut. Left Click to make the mark permanent.

If you get all of the measurements correct, the planks are cut by Charlie, and you progress to the next level. However, if you are incorrect, nothing happens, and you have to click the ‘Reset Level’ button. In later levels, there are multiple planks and multiple different measurements on the list. You must figure out the correct combination of measurements on each plank. Once you have completed a set of individual measurements, a red line displays through them on the list to indicate that they are done.

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