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Awesome Maze Game Puzzle - Continuity

Rating: 8/10 - 834 votes

Continuity is a highly innovative and addicting platform puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to guide a little Stickman character through three different adjustable sections of a maze in each level. Winner of the ‘Best Student Game’ award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival, Continuity combines tricky online platform-based levels with a challenging ‘sliding tile’ puzzle. You have to move the different tiles into position so that your Stickman can ‘continue’ from one panel (sliding tile) to the next, on his way to collecting a key and exiting through a red door.

This clever and original maze game requires an inquisitive mind, good analytical thinking skills, and a love of problem-solving as you try to plot a pathway for your Stickman through the different maze panels. This cool game should prove a good fit for those who enjoy maze-based platform puzzles with a twist, or anyone interested in trying new ground-breaking, interactive brain teasers. Be prepared for a real test of your spatial awareness, vision and determination. Enjoy!

How to Play: In each level, there are three sliding panels that make up a maze when viewed as a whole unit. Within the three panels are your Stickman character, a key, a red Exit Door, and numerous obstacles. Your goal is simply to come up with a strategy that will ensure your Stickman navigates through the maze, collect the key, and exit the maze through the red door. At the start of the level, you are in ‘Panel View’, which means you can see all three panels, and adjust their position on the game screen. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move the panels into a position so that your Stickman can ‘continue’ through the sides from one into the other. Press Spacebar to zoom in to ‘Stickman View’ where you use the Arrow Keys to move your Stickman around one panel alone.

Make contact with the key to collect it, and stand in front of the red Exit Door to progress to the next level. In later levels, you may have to switch from Panel View to Stickman View more than once – simply press Spacebar to switch between the two modes. Note that your Stickman doesn’t have to go sideways through a panel wall; he can also fall down through to the panel below if needed. There are 32 levels in total – can you complete them all?

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