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Fun Kids' Brain Teaser Maze Games - Frost

Rating: 8.3/10 - 579 votes

Brrrrrr! It sure is cold out there! Frost is a fun platform maze game where you play the role of Jack Frost – and have to quench all of the fires in each level using blocks of ice. Jack is a cute little bearded character that lives in a maze-like grid of blocks. Some of these blocks are solid ground, others are blocks of ice. However, there are fires breaking out that threaten to melt away Jack’s home, so you have to help him put those fires out! Jack’s movement is limited – he can only move to the left or right, and jump up one block at a time – so you have to think strategically to get him to the more difficult parts of the maze.

Jack can also create and eliminate blocks of ice using his Frosty Powers, so there is an element of construction and engineering to this platform challenge. Getting into position to quench the fires requires good analytical skills, as navigating through the grid of icy blocks can become a real head-scratcher of a puzzle. Have you got the problem solving skills to help Jack in his chilly quest? Or will you suffer from Brain Freeze? It’s time to find out! Good luck little Fire Fighter!

How to Play: Your goal in each level is to quench the fires dotted around the maze by pushing or dropping blocks of ice on top of them. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control Jack Frost. Sliding left or right is the only lateral movement he can make. If you push up against a single block of ice, that block slides across the ground until it hits a wall or quenches one of the fires. Jack can jump up onto single blocks at a time if you hold down the Left / Right Arrow Key while he is pushed against them.

In later levels, Jack can create and eliminate blocks of ice. This technique is perfect for creating new blocks to use as stepping blocks to scale up to higher ledges. To create a block of ice, point Jack in the direction of an empty space on the grid, (below, and to the right or left of him) and hit Spacebar. A new block of ice is generated in that spot. Removing blocks of ice by repeating the same process, except you hit Spacebar above a block that is already there. Be careful not to touch off the fires, as poor Jack gets burned, and you have to restart the level. If you get stuck, click on the circular arrow in the top right corner of the game screen.

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