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Online Maze Puzzle Game - The Mind Bender

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The Mind Bender is a challenging maze puzzle platformer game where you play the role of Mastermind – a quirky little character who can move boxes with the power of his mind. Your goal in each level is to get Mastermind through a portal at the end of a tricky maze. Use his special ‘Telekenisis’ power to strategically place objects to help him reach high ledges and safely jump over spikes and other dangerous obstacles. The levels increase in difficulty as you progress, with more complicated mazes for the little guy to navigate.

You must strategically plan out a route for him using the crates and boxes that he is able to move with his mind. The mazes can be quite complex, so you’ll need to think logically to succeed. Good strategy is the key. There is also a lot of trial and error potentially required in this problem solving brain-teaser, so you’ll need to be patient as you try to figure out the solution to get Mastermind to his portal. Ok Puzzle Master, let’s go! Good luck!

How to Play: Control Mastermind’s movements using your Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys to move him around. The controls are very sensitive, so be careful you don’t slip off ledges – just tap the keys. If Mastermind can’t reach a ledge, or is faced with a ravine of spikes, use his ‘Telekenisis’ power.

Using your computer mouse, Left Click and drag a brown crate to move it. The crate turns electric blue while you hold the click down. You can place the crate anywhere on the game screen to help Mastermind reach his destination. In later levels, there is a wall of blue ice that the crates cannot pass through, so you’ll have to figure out a way to get around it. Once you get Mastermind to the portal (red triangle), you progress to the next level.

Tip: There is no timer in this game, so take your time in each level. Patiently plan out each jump and be careful of the sensitive keys.

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