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Super Slyder

Rating: 7.7/10 - 1655 votes

Play Online Super Slyder Game and experience hours of fun and adventures with the lovable Slyder character! The game has new items, 9 unique and hilarious characters and nearly 300 challenging levels to offer. The game is suitable for players of any age, from little to big kids. Your objective is to help the superhero, Slyder, manoeuvre through the challenging mazes. Slyder wouldn't be a slyder if he would move normally. That is why he slides until hitting a wall without stopping in the middle of the maze.

Think logically and help the little Slyder come back home, because he can't always reach the goal alone. He sometimes needs a little help from his friend, Boffo. But be warned, not characters are so friendly! Try to avoid Slyder's enemy, Unger! There are nearly 300 levels for you to pass through, so new obstacles and gadgets are introduced to increase the game's variety and difficulty. Good luck and help the little fellow!

How to play: You can control Slyder using your computer mouse, touchpad, or the Arrow Keys on your keyboard. When using your mouse, Left Click on the Arrows at the bottom of the game screen.

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