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Memory Concentration Game for Kids - Reproduce

Rating: 6.4/10 - 258 votes

Reproduce is an extremely tricky quick-fire memory and concentration game where you have to reproduce specific patterns of blocks in a certain order. You are shown a pattern of white blocks that appear, one-by-one, on a black background. All of a sudden, they disappear – and you have to recreate that pattern, step-by-step, from memory. There are no fancy tricks or shortcuts – just good, old-fashioned visual memory, focus, and concentration. If you reproduce the pattern correctly, an extra block is added to that same pattern the next time round.

The trick is to become automatically used to reproducing the original pattern – then try to add the extra blocks into the pattern that is already ingrained in your memory. If you fail in this task, a new pattern is drawn for you and you must start again. See how many correct reproductions you can achieve, then try to beat your best score. This clever and innovative brain teaser will really test your observation and visual memory skills, as well as exercising your concentration ability. It will also exercise your quick reactions, as you only have 3 seconds to execute each step. Ok, it’s time to show off your photographic memory!

How to Play: Be ready from the moment you start playing the game, as the first pattern appears almost at once. The pattern always starts from the black square in the center of the game screen – then spreads out from there. The White Blocks appear, one-by-one, in a specific order. Once the computer has finished showing you this pattern – it’s your turn. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to recreate the pattern of White Blocks exactly as you saw it. If you are correct, the computer starts creating the pattern again – this time, adding an extra block. You just have to repeat the same pattern with that extra block added.

You have to be extremely quick, as the timer at the top of the game screen only gives you 3 seconds to make your next move. As you progress, it becomes more and more difficult to remember the direction of all of the blocks, and the order in which they appear. On the right of the game grid, you can see your highscore, on the left of the grid – your current score. Tip: One good way to remember the pattern is to repeat aloud the Arrow Keys that you hit. For example: “Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, Up”. Try to get into a consistent rhythm of repeating the pattern automatically. Once you have mastered this, you just have to remember to add on the extra block each time.

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