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Memory Matching Puzzle Game Online - Nedrago Memory Cards

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Nedrago Memory Cards is a challenging tile matching puzzle game where you must match pairs of identical picture tiles on a series of increasingly-large grids. Set against the backdrop of a group of cartoon friends (Nedrago, Jeacky, Gorilaco and Rabith) meeting up at a burger restaurant, the levels increase in difficulty as more members are added to the group via telephone conversations in between each level! The result is a set of increasingly-difficult matching puzzles where you must match up counterpart tiles from both the left and right hand sides of the game grid.

This fun and stimulating, point and click, memory-based brain teaser requires good visual awareness, cognitive skills, concentration and short-term memory. Memorizing the exact position of each character tile can be very tricky, especially in later levels when there are more tiles, and a lot of very similar-looking characters! So, let's get matching!

How to Play: Note - There is an interactive ‘storyline’ aspect to this game where the characters call each other up to inform each other about a meeting at a burger restaurant. This happens before each level. You must click on their cell phones in order to get the conversation moving – and to get you to the matching action!

In each of the 7 progressively-difficult levels, your goal is to find and eliminate all sets of matching pair tiles. Each picture tile on the left hand side of the game grid has a counterpart on the right hand side of the grid. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on a face-down tile from each section, one after the other. If you make a match, the revealed pair remains face up.

Each time you make a ‘non-match’, you lose one life. If all of your lives are used up, you must replay the level. Likewise, if the clock at the top of the game screen reaches zero, you must replay the level (This shouldn't be a problem as you should find yourself with more than sufficient time to complete each level). If you get stuck on any level, click the ‘Hint’ button in the top right corner of the game screen to reveal the positions of the right side tiles for a short amount of time.

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