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Play Soul Shift - Memory Game for Mobile / Desktop

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We love this game! Quickly and carefully swap shape positions to eliminate red characters in this highly-challenging, fast and furious game of skill! Soul Shift is a fun yet difficult, platform puzzle and addicting skill-based game for older kids & teens where you must use really quick reactions to rid the game screen of all red shapes. All of the green and red circle and square characters are ‘interchangeable’ so you can swap them around in order to shift those pesky red shapes closer to elimination in each level!

You play the demanding role of Chief Soul Shifter, and must use super fast mouse-clicking / screen tapping skills to carefully maneuver shape locations to your advantage. Your concentration, strategy, problem solving and creative engineering skills all come into play as you methodically create pathways and bridges, and figure out other imaginative ways to eliminate the red shapes. Happy Soul Shifting!

How to Play: Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you have to turn your device horizontally. In each of the increasingly-tough 30 levels, you must ‘shift’ the shapes around in order to eliminate all red shapes from the play area. Simply click or tap on two different shapes to immediately swap their positions on the game screen. Use the contours of the level to roll, push, or propel red shapes off of the game screen.

The fewer ‘swaps’ you make, the more points you score. To earn stars, you must attempt to complete the level within or under the suggested ‘par’ number of swaps indicated at the top of the game screen. But you can exceed the par number; Each extra swap attempt over the par number for that level costs you a star. So, if you greatly exceed the par number, you cannot earn a star but you can still pass the level!

If you accidentally eliminate a green shape, you fail the level, and must replay and solve it to progress. Click on the purple circular arrow on the left hand side of the game screen to Restart the level at any time.

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