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Fun Free Mobile Game for Kids - Sheep Toss (Mobile Game)

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Forget old-style ‘Hit the Target’ games and shooting challenges where a player fires bullets, missiles, arrows, and other such projectiles. Let us introduce you to Sheep Toss (Mobile Game), a fun, eccentric mouse-clicking skill game for Kids of all ages where you must fling sheep hundreds of feet through the air, and help Scrappy the Sheepdog to round up his herd in a very unorthodox way! Scrappy actually fancies himself as a bit of a cunning and pioneering inventor, and has fashioned a custom-built hammock sling-shot that he uses to catapult these cute farm animals into highlighted ‘pen’ areas and farmyard buildings. However, Scrappy's aim is poor, and he needs your expert sheep-slinging assistance to ensure these wooly little wonders fly through the air with the desired distance and direction!

This wacky online target-hitting extravaganza shares some similarities with the game play concept of golf, and requires lots of gentle patience, dog-like determination, and bucket loads of trial and error. Sheep tossing however is not as easy as you might think. In fact, to judge the correct angle, distance and direction of an airborne sheep can be a really challenging test of your accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and mouse-clicking skills. Now, get ready to enjoy a good laugh with your friends and family - Happy sheep tossing!

How to Play: In each of the 9 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to fling a certain number of sheep (3 or 4 depending on the level) into a designated ‘Pen’ area or farm building. These pens are located in different positions in each level, and can be in the form of a small fenced-in area or a barn-like roofed building. At the beginning of each level, you have 9 brave little sheep projectiles at your disposal. The number of sheep that you need to land into the Pen in order to progress to the next level is indicated by a white sheep icon which appears just above the hammock in mid-screen (This same icon also displays the number of sheep you have remaining in that level).

A yellow arrow highlights the target Pen in each level (usually a long way off in the distance). To catapult a sheep, Click and Hold Down the Left Button on your computer mouse or touchpad. A cross-hair Target Marker then appears, and acts as your aiming device (a close-up snapshot of where the Target Marker is positioned appears in the top right corner of the game screen). Drag and place the Target Marker to your desired landing area, and release the click to launch the sheep into the air. If you run out of sheep to launch before you reach the required number of sheep that must end up in the Pen, it’s Game Over, and you have to start all over again from the very 1st level!

You also must take the wind direction into consideration. A red and white Wind Sock indicates the direction and speed of the wind, so adjust your Target Marker accordingly. In some levels, your sheep are particularly bouncy. If they land straight into the Pen, they may bounce out and beyond (just like a golf ball on a green). Furthermore, in levels 5 and 9, your sheep wear heavy armor, and that extra weight causes them to stop in the exact spot they land on.

Note: In the 1st level, use your mouse to show Scrappy the Sheepdog how to place the sheep on the hammock. In subsequent levels, the launchable sheep are then automatically loaded onto the hammock by Scrappy.

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