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Puzzle Game for Mobile Phone / Tablet / PC - Stick Freak

Rating: 6.5/10 - 209 votes

Play a 1-level, platform-based, judgment and survival game where you must repeatedly create the perfect length of bridge in order to move an eccentric top hat hero from platform to platform! Stick Freak is a very-challenging, interactive visual puzzle game where you must methodically create mini-bridges that ensure that your hero finishes up safely on the next platform! Your quirky main character only moves when a bridge is laid – but if your construction is too long or too short, he's in for a great big fall!

Skills required: Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, this fun ‘repeat play’ brain teaser requires your sharpest judgment and problem-solving skills. Creating the ideal bridge each time is quite tricky – especially when the distance between platforms varies from jump to jump. Trial and error is also very important as you become used to the bridge-making action.

How to Play: This HTML5-based, platform / skill game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as on PC / Mac but the game software may not be supported on some devices or web browsers.

This is a ‘1-level’ challenge where your task is to survive for as long as possible by landing bridges safely on one platform after another. Creating perfect length bridge allows your top hat ‘freak’ hero to walk from platform to platform without falling into the abyss.

For mobile / tablet players: Tap and hold your finger anywhere on the play area to ‘stretch out’ your stick-like bridge, and let go to complete the construction and allow the bridge to fall. For laptop / desktop players: Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and hold to create the bridge, and release the click to let the completed bridge length fall. While your hero is walking across the bridge, click or tap to make him walk under-side of the bridge, and vice-versa.

Each platform you land on earns you one point toward your overall score. Try to improve upon your high score with each attempt! Collect gemstones along the way to unlock improved top hat hero characters, which can be accessed by clicking or tapping on the character icon on the left hand side of the main menu screen.

Note: Advertisements may pop up on your game screen from time to time. To continue with the game, click or tap on the ‘Skip Ad’ option when it becomes available in the bottom right corner.

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