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Play Exit Searcher Puzzle Game for Mobile / Desktop

Rating: 6.2/10 - 382 votes

Play a very hard, visual maze-based puzzle game on mobile, tablet or desktop: In Exit Searcher, Bobby the Builder has reached the end of a long working day but his route to the exit is blocked off by pesky crates! It's time to focus your vision and don your problem-solving cap, and help Bobby to find a way out! Here, you must methodically move boxes around a confined room in order to reach the Exit Door. Test and exercise your observation, concentration and logic skills, and analytical thinking ability by finding / mapping out a suitable escape route for Bobby through each box-filled maze. Trial and error is an important aspect of the game as you can easily learn from your mistakes in each level. Enjoy the fun brain-teaser action!

How to Play: Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you have to turn your device horizontally. In each of the 25 increasingly tough levels, you must reach the Exit Door by pushing aside the various colored crates that stand in your way (The grey crates are immovable but all other colors can be pushed).

Desktop & laptop players, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver Bobby around the game screen / push crates in your desired direction. Tablet & mobile users, swipe in the direction you wish to move / push (Alternatively, you can tap on the Arrow Icons on the right hand side of the game area. Once Bobby reaches the Exit Door, you progress to the next level. If you get stuck at any stage, click or tap on the Restart button to replay the level. Ask your friends and family members to help you.

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