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Fast Reflex Game for Kids on Mobile / Tablet / PC

Rating: 6.2/10 - 41 votes

Play a highly challenging, reflex action game for kids, teens and grownups: Tap on the correct color before the clock runs out in this quick-fire, reaction speed game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC! Fitz Color is a hard, reflex-based skill game where you only a second or so to click or tap on the correct color from the column of choices. Get on a roll by tapping on the correct color as many times in a row as you can! There's no time to hang around here – you only have approximately 1 second to act before the clock runs out each time!

Skills required: This fast-paced, visual and reactions-based game naturally requires super quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills. A real sense of urgency, focus and concentration skills are really important – You must try to get ‘in the zone’ in order to go on a long roll of correct answers. Although the action is extremely fast, this brain teaser challenge provides a very testing exercise of your alertness and mouse / tapping speed!

How to Play: This HTML5-based game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. Fitz Color is a survival-based arcade challenge where your task is to keep your run of correct answers going for as long as possible.

The controls are simple – click or tap on the color segment indicated by the text at the top of the play area! However, you only have about a second to do this. You must click or tap on the correct color before the timer at the top of the play area reaches the left hand side of the screen. This action is repeated – but the colors and the text change (Sometimes, the game tries to trick you by repeating the same colors in a different order – be wise to this!).

Your run ends when you click / tap on an incorrect color, or if you allow the time to run out. Try to eclipse your ‘best score’ with each attempt. You can toggle ‘Insane Mode’ on or off on the main menu screen. This mode is extremely difficult; the required reaction time is even faster than normal mode, and some of the colors are smaller on the screen.

Note: Advertisements may pop up on your game screen from time to time. To continue with the game, click or tap on the X near the top right corner of the ad.

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