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Fun Soccer Game for Mobile / PC - Football Tricks

Rating: 7.7/10 - 2879 votes

Score your way to the World Cup Final by kicking a soccer ball around, over, under, and through obstacles into the goal: Football Tricks is an addicting and highly-challenging, skill-based soccer game where you must figure out a way to guide the ball ((by flicking and clicking your finger or mouse) into the goal in each level. The catch is that your ideal shooting path is always blocked off by defending players or fun obstacles such as wooden boxes steel cubes!

This entertaining soccer World Cup tournament-based, problem-solving puzzle game can be played on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop, and provides a stern test of your observation and decision making skills, mouse-clicking accuracy, and reactions skills (Some levels offer multiple point of attack options). OK Role Model, the eager fans young and old want to see some net-bulging action! Let’s put that ball hit the back of the net and send the loyal supporters home buzzing!

How to Play: Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you have to turn your device horizontally. Before beginning the World Cup action, you must choose your preferred country (Not every country is available, just like in the real Wold Cup, so choose from among 40 teams including some of world soccer's traditional superpowers such as Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain, and more).

In each of the 48 progressively difficult levels, you must find a way to shoot the ball into the net (score a goal), avoiding any defenders and obstacles along the way. Each level is a match-up between two countries playing against each other in the World Cup tournament. The early levels act as the ‘qualification’, then ‘group stage’, ‘knockout stage’, and final.

If playing on mobile or tablet, slowly swipe your finger along the screen to indicate the direction you want to shoot in (A colorful target / power meter appears), and to increase the power of your shot. Remove your finger to shoot. If playing on laptop and desktop, use your computer mouse or touchpad to take a shot; click and drag away from your footballer in the direction of the goal. Release the click to shoot.

When the ball enters the goal on the right hand side of the game screen, you progress to the next level. The fewer shots you take, the more Gold Stars you earn. You have a set number of available shots (balls) in each level, indicated at the top of the game screen (It works like par in golf). If you exceed this number, you must replay the level.

Most levels feature tricky obstacles such as blocks and defending players. Wooden and ice-based blocks can be destroyed by hitting them with the footballs. Some defending players can be knocked over and eliminated in this way also. In later levels, you may have more than one attacking player. If a ball reaches an additional attacking player, he automatically fires the ball further in the direction of the goal. In this instance, your initial kicker provides an ‘assist’ for this finishing player. Happy goal scoring!

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