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Mobile Sudoku Game - Play Yasminoku

Rating: 6/10 - 65 votes

Focus your eyes and mind, and prove your problem-solving prowess with an awesome Sudoku challenge! Yasminoku is a both a straightforward and hard Sudoku brain training / visual puzzle game for kids, teens and grownups where you can choose the difficulty level – from extreme beginner to advanced! Here, you select how many numbers are already entered into the grid at the beginning of the challenge.

(For those unfamiliar with Sudoku, it is a logic-based, number-placement game where your objective is to methodically fill a 9x9 grid with digits so that each vertical column, horizontal row, or a 3x3 mini-grid contains the numbers 1-9 in any order.)

Playable on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile, this fun and addicting brain teaser activity is both a great platform for experienced Sudoku players and a very good introduction for first-timers. All Sudoku players must utilize their observation skills, logical thinking, strategy and decision making skills as they carefully and analytically fill up the grid, one number at a time. Are you ready for this intense Sudoku-based brain exercise?

How to Play: Note for players on mobile phone / tablet: To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Once the game loads, you are presented with a classic Sudoku grid, filled with 38 of the 81 numbers (This is a common intermediate level puzzle). If you want to increase or decrease the amount of ‘initial numbers’, click or tap on the menu at the bottom of the game screen, and select the amount of ‘initial numbers’ you want in your puzzle. Naturally, the less initial numbers you have, the more difficult the puzzle.

On laptop and desktop, simply hover your mouse cursor over the square you wish to fill, and type in your answer using the number Keys on your computer keyboard (Alternatively, you can click on the square, and then on one of the available numbers that appear). On mobile and tablet, tap on the square you wish to fill, and then tap on the number you want to enter from the available list that appears (The game automatically gives you a selection of possible solutions based on the squares already filled at the beginning of the puzzle).

When a puzzle is completed, all vertical columns, horizontal rows, and 3x3 ‘sub grids’ should be filled with the numbers 1-9 inclusive, in any order. If you have entered an incorrect number, the column / row / mini-grid affected will tilt diagonally. When all of the squares are filled, click or tap on the ‘Check’ button in the top right corner in order to reveal if the puzzle was completed correctly. Enjoy the challenge!

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